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by LaArka

I saw this on the Thumbshare forum, so I thought I'd help a bit. You really need to focus on the anatomy more. The way Dash's head is, ...

Forgive me if I end up rambling, cause I like to nitpick every single detail I find wrong and I end up sounding abrasive. I assure you,...

I need to write some things down that are true in The Black Bullets universe. I will be doing these in journals. 

There will be more covering various things like stuff about the main characters and such. This is the first and this will cover The Kalos League, The Elite Four and The Kalos Gym Leaders and the relationships with each other. There are a few things that aren't going to make sense right away, but hopefully that will be cleared up in a later entry.

The Kalos League

:bulletblack: In order to become Champion, one must beat 8 gym leaders, challenge others in the League Tournament and defeat the current Champion.
:bulletblack: In order to become a member of The Elite Four one must maintain the title of Champion for a year and defeat the oldest member of the current Elite Four. (For example: Diance.)
:bulletblack: In order to become a Gym Leader one must become champion and pass The World League's requirements. 
:bulletblack: If one cannot perform their duty as Champion they will be removed from the title and the winner of the following year's tournament will automatically become champion. 
:bulletblack: If one cannot perform their duty as a member of The Elite Four/Abuse their athority the Champion may automatically take their plae and the winner if the following year's tournament will become Champion.
:bulletblack: If a Gym Leader for any reason cannot attend to their Gym, they must notify the league. Or if you're Jack Daniels, hire someone to take your place.
:bulletblack: The youngest person to become Champion is Jack Daniels.
:bulletblack: The oldest person to become Champion was Wilkson.
:bulletblack: The stronger the Gym Leader, the more popular they are.
:bulletblack: Every year for three days, from July 13th to the 15th, all the members of The Kalos League get together and discuss things. Then have a battle royal between the Gym Leaders to see who's strongest.


:bulletgreen: Became Champion in 2007 at age 16.
:bulletgreen: Constantly has to notify the league of her absence to help her sister, Alexa.
:bulletgreen: became a bug type Gym Leader because she thinks bug types are the most photographic.
:bulletgreen: Really likes Clint, but because of the way Kalosians are, cannot get with him without fear of losing her job.
:bulletgreen: She has lots of photobooks of challengers and their Pokemon.
:bulletgreen: Those who eventually become champions end up on a wall in her home.

Jack Daniels

:bulletblack: Became Champion in 1988 at the age of 10.
:bulletblack: Promptly gave up the title to go back home and finish school.
:bulletblack: Became a rock type gym leader because of a suggestion from a close friend.
:bulletblack: Is the strongest Gym Leader.
:bulletblack: Had a child specifically to take his place as Gym Leader when he got older but eventually wisened up when he realized what a troublemaker that kid is.
:bulletblack: His son and Clint take turns being his referee.
:bulletblack: Despite being the strongest Gym Leader, and therefore, most popular, he still earns a normal wage.

Clint Flitzgerald

:bulletblack: Takes over as Cyllage's Gym Leader when Jack has to take care of his child.
:bulletblack: Started a yearly bicycle race through Cyllage and that's how he met Jack.
:bulletblack: They can't decide how the Gym should look.
:bulletblack: Likes Viola, but thinks she thinks she's way out of his league.
:bulletblack: Since he's so far, the only Gym Leader not to beat the league, he's very unpopular. 
:bulletblack: He has tried to beat the league multiple times but has only gotten as far as the top 8.


:bulletyellow: Became Champion in 2009 at age 13.
:bulletyellow: Had to give up the title after a year because her grandfather became ill.
:bulletyellow: Comes from a long line of fighting type Gym Leaders.
:bulletyellow: Because she has such a deep bond with her Lucario, she kind of neglects her other pokemon.
:bulletyellow: Made a pact with Jack Daniels son for both of them to become Gym Leaders. Weither he remembers this is a mystery.
:bulletyellow: The only reason why she's a fighting type Gym Leader is because the first ancestor wanted to be a steel type Gym Leader with their Lucario but there was already one in the league.
:bulletyellow: Because of this, the family has a serious rivalry with the steel type Gym Leaders.

Ramos Fields

:bulletgreen: Became Champion in 1960 at age 14.
:bulletgreen: Was also a member of the Elite Four.
:bulletgreen: Changes his roster every 5 years to give challengers a fighting chance.
:bulletgreen: Other older Gym Leaders have caught onto this and have started doing it too.
:bulletgreen: He has a garden full of rare plants in his Gym.
:bulletgreen: Was originally from a different region, but somehow never left or went back.
:bulletgreen: Constantly complains about how hard the league was back in his day.
:bulletgreen: Son/Grandson is his referee. 

Clemont Jeager

:bulletyellow: Became Champion in 2013 at age 11.
:bulletyellow: Could have been champion a few months sooner before Jack.
:bulletyellow: When he won against Jack, he told him he wouldn't be able to win the league and Clemont said that he was being a sore loser and his ego was getting in the way.
:bulletyellow: Jack was right seeing as Clemont lost in the first round of the tournament.
:bulletyellow: Clemont now avoids Jack at all costs.
:bulletyellow: Became an electric type Gym Leader since he's an electric type prodigy.
:bulletyellow: Built a robot to replace him in his Gym so that he could study to become a better Gym Leader (which is the same as canon but the outcome is way better once Jack catches wind.)
:bulletyellow: His father is good friends with Jack.

Valerie Lavander

:bulletpink: Became Champion at 14 in 2011.
:bulletpink: Was Apollinare's apprentice but couldn't travel back and forth between Lumoise and Laverre all the time. 
:bulletpink: Apollinare and Valerie clashed a lot in the first place.
:bulletpink: They still keep in contact and always see each other at fashion shows.
:bulletpink: They also share Elesa from Nimbasa as a model.
:bulletpink: An Audio inspired her to get into fashion and become a model and fashion designer. 
:bulletpink: Gets along well with Viola, but doesn't seem to like Korrina much. 

Olympia Arundhati

:bulletpurple: Became Champion at age 18 in 1989.
:bulletpurple: Appears to be a psychic, but is actually a very talented grifter. Or mentalist if you want to believe that instead.
:bulletpurple: Her father taught her how to read/scam people.
:bulletpurple: Also foretold Clemont's first lost which he also ignored. When he beat her a second time she said that he would make it this time. Clemont told him she couldn't actually predict the future.  
:bulletpurple: She likes to stand by the sundial a lot.
:bulletpurple: She tells Jack Jr. more about the Pokemon he saw in a forest when he was 10 and Jhon about an ancestor of his that's still alive. 
:bulletpurple: Considers herself a "mother" to the younger Gym Leaders. 

Wulfric Ishild

:bulletblue: Became Champion at age 12 in 1967.
:bulletblue: Was born and raised in Snowbelle.
:bulletblue: Fame went to his head and was kicked out of the league as a teenager. 
:bulletblue: He eventually beat the league again, but was a little more wiser this time. 
:bulletblue: He held the title of champion for 10 years (the longest in recorded history) before being defeated by a certain man with the last name of Daniels.
:bulletblue: Considers himself Jack's superior (not that he's going to say anything against that.)
:bulletblue: Lets The Bullets use the secret meadow to keep Pokemon that they've rescued after they accidentally stumbled upon it when they got lost.  

William Smith

:bulletwhite: Somehow became Champion at age 18 in 1998.
:bulletwhite: Is the weakest in the league.
:bulletwhite: Gym is very run down because he doesn't have the money to fix it.
:bulletwhite: Is a target for beginners and people who want to make a quick buck off of him.
:bulletwhite: He also works three other jobs just to keep his job as Gym Leader.
:bulletwhite: He sometimes gets pity money from other gym leaders.

Mortimer Addie

:bulletblue: Became Champion in 1965 at the age of 15.
:bulletblue: Is the captain of the navy. 
:bulletblue: Was the first person to win the league using only one type of Pokemon (water.)
:bulletblue: Doesn't seem to get along with any of the older Gym Leaders very well.
:bulletblue: Despite his age showing, he's still a very competent battler. 
:bulletblue: Became a water type trainer because he almost drowned as a child and a buizel saved him.
:bulletblue: Was a member of the Elite 4 before he got kicked out by a young Siebold. 

Dark/Dark City

:bulletblack: Became Champion in 2005 at the age of 25.
:bulletblack: No one knows his real name.
:bulletblack: Gym battles consist of battling in the dark.
:bulletblack: Tends to keep to himself and only occasionally appears at The Kalos League meetings. 
:bulletblack: The only person who appears to unaffected by Dark City's "curse."
:bulletblack: Doesn't deny being the cause of said "curse."
:bulletblack: Reached out towards Jack after the accident, but quickly realized he was making things a LOT worse for the poor guy.

Malva Benoit
Fire/Elite 4

:bulletred: Is a lover of Lysandre.
:bulletred: Was a news reporter before challenging the league. 
:bulletred: Joined the league to do a news report.
:bulletred: Never did finish that report.
:bulletred: Is still a reporter but also dissapears for long periods of time.

Seibold Rodgrigue
Water/Elite 4

:bulletblue: Is as much as a food pun lover as Cilan is. 
:bulletblue: Is an owner of a reasturant called "Le Charme" located in Courmarine.
:bulletblue: Went all the way to Striation City because he heard the seafood there was good.
:bulletblue: Cress considers him his mentor.
:bulletblue: Malva tired to get with him once but that didin't work out well for her.

Wikstrom Friedich
Steel/Elite 4

:bulletwhite: Does a lot of exposition matches since he doesn't have another job.
:bulletwhite: Trains a lot with his Pokemon.
:bullletwhite: Is a master swordsman.
:bulletwhite: Knows how to make his own swords.
:bulletwhite: Likes to flirt with women.

Drasna Armity
Dragon/Elite 4

:bulletpurple: The strongest member of The Elite Four. Also the oldest.
:bulletpurple: Has spent a lot of time in her youth in The Village of Dragons. 
:bulletpurple: Is a Dragon Master.
:bulletpurple: Looks up to Drayden even if he is a few years younger than her.
:bulletpurple: Does not take her job very seriously.
:bulletpurple: Is known to solve a lot of problems in Kalos with dragons.

Diantha Joanne
Champion 2014-

:bulletwhite: Only joined the leauge to gain populairty.
:bulletwhite: Beat most of the gyms using just her Gardivor.
:bulletwhite: Even Jack didn't stand much of a chance.
:bulletwhite: People say she's old, but she's only 28.
:bulletwhite: Has been a movie star since she was 10. 
:bulletwhite: Kalosians will raise hell if one gives the slightest critism against her.


“Are you okay,” Apollinare asked.

I cringed. I couldn’t feel much now except the cold hard ground, nor did I want to think that hard. Apollinare curled his fingers, asking me to grab his hand to help me. I didn’t want to move.

“What are you looking so pathetic for,” he said. “Come on, Jhon. You can get up.”

I still couldn’t move so Apollinare grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up. Pain soared through my side and I clamped my arm to my side. He pulled my arm away from my side and put it over his shoulder. I caught a strong scent of vanilla coming from him. He took me over to the passenger’s seat and carefully put me in his car. He got in and backed up off of the sidewalk.

“I’ll take you to my house so that we can patch you up a bit,” he said, speeding off into the empty street.

I grunted, hoping it’d sound something like a thank you. I examined my face with my fingers. The vision on my left eye was going and running my fingers over it, my eye was starting to swell. I could feel a wet spot underneath a tender nose, and a painful cut on my lip. I curled up on the seat as the rain began to fall.

Apollinare pulled into his garage which had several other expensive sports cars in it. He helped me out of his car and led me through the kitchen and into the living room. I lied down on the sofa. He told me to take it easy while he went to get bandages and an ice pack. I carefully sat up and tried to lift the hoodie off over my head. I felt a sharp pain in my side and fell back down.

Apollinare came back and I grabbed the ice pack, placing it over my eye.

“There’s that pathetic look again,” Apollina re said. “Sit up and take that hoodie off.”
“Mmm-unn,” I mumbled.
“Geez, child,” he said, putting his hands on his hips.

I fought with him while he tried to take my hoodie even though it was mostly just me screaming in pain while he tried to pry my arm from the side. My screaming woke Millie up. She went and made me some tea. Both of my sides were purple with bruises. Apollinare wrapped me up and told me to take it easy for a while. Mille came back with the tea and told me to stay the night. I tried to thank the couple for their hospitality, but I still couldn’t talk very well or bow a little. Apollinare somehow got me up and took me downstairs. I clung to him. The last thing I wanted to do was fall and further injure myself.

His basement was basically one giant dark room. He lit it all up as we went along. He had a bar, a pool table and the biggest home theater I’ve ever seen since the one we built in The Warehouse Mansion. But the most notable feature was the stripper pole that stuck between the theater and the bar.

Apollinare caught me staring at it and said, “What? It takes a lot of talent to work that.”

He turned on the light to the room I would be sleeping in. He let me go and went and cleared a king sized bed of clothes. He threw the clothes on the floor and came back to help me into bed. I shook my head and tried to walk to the bed myself. I had a hard time crawling ontop of the bed and crawled underneath it.

“Will you be okay down here,” Apollinare asked, standing from the doorway.

The room was freezing, never seeing sunlight and the blankets weren’t helping. I lay there, shivering. Apollinare grinned and turned off the light. As he turned off the light, my throat tightened up. I tied my hardest to keep myself from crying, but it was no use. Getting beat up like that was terrifying, I started bawling like a child that fell and scraped their knee. Apollinare sighed and came back, sitting down next to me. He stroked my hair and said he’s been there before. I wondered if he ended up further embarrassing himself by crying in front of someone he’s only known for a few days.

I cried, hated myself and everything around me for what seemed like an eternity. When I had stopped crying just enough to see what was going on around me, I found Apollinare with his eyes closed lying next to me. He snorted. I reached out and poked his shoulder.

“Psst, Apollinare,” I whispered. “Go sleep in your own bed.”

He growled at me and rolled over. I thought he was going to fall off the bed he was so close to the edge. The phone vibrated in my pocket. I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest. I sunk underneath the covers and turned on the phone.

“Jhon, you were supposed to call when it happened, remember,” CG said.
“The phone wasn’t working when I tried to call you then, Wally,” I said.
“What happened?”
“I dunno, let me think…right, it said the phone wasn’t in service.”
CG snorted. “Seriously?”
“I know right? It was weird.”
“So when are you coming back?”
“I saw some weird guys with a terrible taste in fashion and tried to trail them when they were following Electriavire. I got beat up.”
“You weren’t supposed to follow Electravire,” CG said.
“Thanks for your concern,” I growled. “I’m in Apollinare’s basement. I’m not going anywhere for a while.”
“Isn’t he a little old for you, Jhon?”
“Oh my God, Wally. It’s not like that! Point is that I’m too injured to go anywhere.”
“Oh, okay,” CG mumbled.
“Soo…why not come over tomorrow?”
“Ah, why don’t we wait until Thunder and Electravire stop moving?”
“Okay, bye.”

CG hung up. I crawled up from underneath the covers and Apollinare was still passed out. Watching him sleep made me tired. As in as much pain as I was, my weakness took over and I closed my eyes. I heard the flapping of a bird’s wings and a small gust of wind brushed my face. I heard a shriek and James cackling. I opened my eyes and saw Tranquil sit next to me and it pecked at my hair. I groaned and snuggled under the covers. I heard a gasp and looked up at Apollinare. He was frozen and his face was red.

“I-I-I I’m so sorry,” Apolliare blurted. “I can’t believe I fell asleep like that! An old man like me? ARRRRGGGGH! WHY?”
“I tried to wake you up but you growled at me,” I said.
“I thought you were Millie or Agata or something,” Apollinare said. “I didn’t want to get up and go to work!”
“Oh, Jhon, you’re here too,” James said, leaning over Apollinare. “What are you doing here and what happened?”
“Hmm,” I thought. “Let’s see…I guess I would have spent the night on a sidewalk in the rain if it weren’t for Apollinare.”
“Oh, you,” Apollinare said, flopping over Tranquil and hugged me.
James stretched. “I didn’t get much sleep last night either. I couldn’t stop thinking about how those guys could pull off a con like that. It’s killing me!”

Tranquil squirmed out from underneath Apollinare and hopped over to my side. I reached out my head and it tiled its head so I could rub it. It cooed softly as I petted it.

“Did you come up with anything,” Apolliare asked, letting me go.
“Several things,” James said. “But if it were me, I’d be after the power only electric types can provide.”
“So you mean electricity,” I said.
“Right. Whatever power they’d be using from the power plant obviously isn’t enough. They’re somehow able to get their hands on many different electric types. And that’s the part that’s bugging me.”
“A normal person would be more concerned about why they need all that power,” I said.
“If that theory’s correct, then what’d happen to the Pokemon they’re using,” Apollinare said. “They’d eventually run out of power, right?”
“A-Are you serious,” I nearly shouted.
“That’d be too cruel,” James said, holding up his hands. “Not to say I wouldn’t try to push Pokemon that far anyways.”
“Why aren’t you freaking out about that, Apollinare,” I said. “Your Pokemon is there too!”
“Mary’s so weak she can’t even use an electric attack,” Apollinare said.  “What would you do with that sort of Pokemon, James?”
“Just throw it out,” James said.
“See, that’s what I’m choosing to believe,” Apollinare said.
“But my Pokemon had just recently evolved! It could be in a lot of trouble!”
“Calm down, Jhon,” Apollinare said, grabbing my hands. “We don’t know if that’s what they’re actually doing. What are some of your other theories, James?”
“Hrrrrngh! I want to go check it out, but I don’t want to go back to jail,” James said.
“Then we’ll go and check it out for you,” I said.
“Really, you’d do such a thing for me,” James said.
“But, Jhon, you can barely move,” Apollinare said.
“I don’t really have much of a choice in this situation,” I said forcing myself to sit up.
“Hmm, I see how it is,” James said. “I applaud your bravery, Jhon. Now, to come up with a plan-“
“The police had one for us,” I said, playing with the phone. “It appears Electravire and Thunder have stopped moving. All we have to do is call the police.”
“Now, now, Jhon, please. The police take way too much long to do this sort of thing,” James said. “If we went ahead, we’d get there a lot faster.”
“How are we possibly going to get there faster than the police,” I said. “The power plant is in the middle of the badlands and we have to travel by foot.”
“That’ll be easy,” James said. “Apollinare, dear cousin, if you’d please lend us a few cars…”
“I’m not letting strangers borrow my babies,” Apollinare said. “Nope not happening.”
“C’mon Apollinare, we’re no strangers,” James said, throwing his arm around his shoulder. “I could take some of the boys, and you can take the rest. Now, these boys are very good at what they do, right?”
“Um, well,” I said, scratching my cheek.
“You getting into trouble would be a very small chance.”
“Well, it’s not like I don’t trust you but,” Apollinare said.
“Please, Apollinare,” I begged. “My Electravire is very precious to me.”
“Just like Mary,” James added.
“Fine,” Apollinare said. “Just let me change my clothes first.”

I rode with James while Apollinare followed very closely behind. James hummed to himself while tapping the steering wheel with his thumbs. I curled up in the backseat and stared out the window while Tranquil sat next to me.

I got tired of his humming so I asked him, “Can we turn on the radio?”
“Why, is there anything you’d like to listen to?”
“I don’t particularly care,” I shrugged.
“Then the radio will stay off.”

I hummed in annoyance as we came to a stop. I started jiggling my foot and folded my arms. The thought of my Electravire being used for such a thing made me nervous. And I lead him to such a fate. It was bad enough that I couldn’t save Jamie, but if Electravire died, I couldn’t live with myself after that. For sure, CG would never speak to me again if Thunder died as well. I’d be all alone.

“Are you alright,” James asked, looking at me through the rearview mirror.
“Huh, no,” I said, catching myself staring at my hands.
“It’ll be fine,” James said as we took off again. “I was just pulling your leg earlier. I just wanted to get you to agree to go in there.”
“I fucking hate you,” I growled.
“Too late now,” James laughed.
“What I said was an understatement. You are a truly despicable person.”
“Thank you.”
“If we are going to do this, we’d better not tell Si or Jack,” I said leaning my head against the window.
“Why not?”
“They’re going to flip their shit,” I said, realizing putting my head there was a bad idea. “Especially since I’ve already failed to save Jamie.”
“You’re not a failure, Jhon. I mean it this time.”
“Yeah I am.”
“Really, think about it. No matter what you do, you’ll never be as much as a failure as I am.”
“Well, I guess that’s true,” I said, petting Tranquil.

James gathered CG, Seviper and David and we all met in the lounge. David and I sat down in the booth.

“What happened to your face,” Seviper asked.
“What happened to your face,” I snarled.
“Geez, man, calm your tits,” Seviper said.
“Boys, boys, stop it,” Apollinare said.
“This had better be more important than what I was watching on the internet,” CG said.
“So, after last night’s schnatigans, Jhon and I came up with a better plan than the one the police provided for us,” James said.
“Whoa, I didn’t come up with nothing,” I said. “It was all you. It’s your fault.”
“Jhon with all the salt,” CG said. “Whatever it is, I’m in. I’m bored doing nothing all day.”
“Same,” Seviper said. “So, what is it?”
“Long story short, we’re just going to barge in and do the police’s job for them.”
“Did you not learn from the last time you did that,” CG said.
“We don’t have to actually interfere,” Seviper said. “We can just go in and say, ‘Yes, there are in fact bad guys here.”
“That’s the best idea you’ve ever come up with,” CG said.
“But what if the Pokemon really are being hurt,” Apollinare said. “Are you guys going to do anything about it?”
“Who would hurt Pokemon,” CG said.
“CG, you’re dumb,” Seviper said. “I suppose then would be a good time to call the police while we fend off the bad guys.”
“That’s the only good idea you’ve ever come up with,” Jack said, slapping Seviper in the back.
“Slap me again and I’ll shoot your hand off,” Seviper growled.

Jack gave him one good whack and then ran around the booths, giggling while Seviper pulled out a gun.

“Jack, what are you doing here,” I asked.
“I just came back, actually,” Jack said as Seviper wrapped his arm around his neck.
“Are you going to come,” CG asked.
“Yeah, I feel like beating someone up,” Jack said, waving his arm around, trying to hit Seviper.
“Eh,” David said, waving his hand.
“What’s that, David,” CG said.
“Oh, it’s portably a bad idea for David to come,” Seviper said. “He’s making too much noise. Hell, neither of us got much sleep last night.”
“Great, we have our team,” James said. “Let’s roll out.”

Me and Jack rode with Apollinare while the other two rode with James. Apollinare sped through the city with a death grip on his steering while muttering under his breath. The badlands were a completely different environment than the city. As soon as we hit it, Apollinare turned on the air conditioner and took his jacket off. For miles, all there were was dead, dried trees and red rocks. We headed northwest, following what the app on the phone said the Pokemon were at.

“I think I see something over there,” I said.
“Yeah, I have eyes too,” Apollinare growled.
“Wow, rude.”

We pulled up to a bridge where one of the guys that mugged me last night was leaning against the guardrail. He came over and stood in front of us.

“Jack, go beat ‘em up,” I said.
“Finally,” Jack said, getting out of the car. “Oi, puta! What are you panjeros doing out here?”
“Same can be said for you punks,” the guy said. “The powerplant is ours now!”

Jack went up to him and socked him in the face. My injuries started to hurt as the guy kept yelping in pain. Once Jack had beaten the guy’s face in, he bent down and picked something up, dropping the guy.  James caught up as Jack walked back to the car.

“Que es esto,” Jack said, as he came back to the car, looking at the card he picked up.
“Who cares, get in so we can go,” I said, opening the door.
“Ah, it’s one of those things the uh…workers use,” Jack said.
“You mean a security card,” Apollinare said.
“Uh, sure. Yeah, that.”

We stopped outside the power plant and Apollinare went to go park his car somewhere else. The powerplant was a huge complex with a ton of satellites on it. We used the card to get through the main gate. We approached the building when James held out his hand.

“This place is big, which means there’s going to be a ton of security cameras in there,” he said. “We’re going to have to be careful.”
“We’ll just have a look around,” Jack said. “No getting into this time.”

Once we were in we were met with a narrow hallway. James kept an eye out of security cameras and led us down the hall. We kept making left turns until we reached the entrance again.

“I guess it all loops around,” Seviper said.
“Dammit, if only David were well enough to join us,” I said.
“Let’s try and keep going straight,” Jack said, walking through a door.

Jack led the way. He was a fast walker and it was difficult to keep up with my injuries. I told him to slow down a bit, but he growled at me and continued on his way. We came across a door with a key pad on it. James rolled up his sleeves and approached it. He studied the pad for a bit before punching in a code. The door opened and there was another pad there as well. James looked up at a security camera and gave it a salute. Without hesitation, he punched in a code and that door opened as well.

The central room was huge. On one side of the room were a bunch of large orb things with electricity flowing through them. On the other were a bunch of men and women wearing the same crappy suit, clown hair and sunglasses. In the middle was some sort of tower with windows going around it. In the middle was some sort of tower with windows going around it.

“Well, damn,” CG said, looking around as the clowns approached us.
“How did you guys get in,” a guy said.
“We’re The Band of Seven and we’re here to shut down this little operation of yours,” Jack said.

He was just laughed at.

“We’re going to pulverize you guys,” a woman said. “Everyone attack them!”

A rain of pokeballs came down onto us. There were Zubats, Golbats, Houndors, Houndooms, Poochyenas and Mightyenas. We were completely surrounded.

“Let’s not go down without a fight,” Jack yelled. “Adelente, Geodude! Onix!”
“Tranquil, get them,” James shouted.
“Itsuki,” CG yelled.
“Delphox,” I yelled.
“I’ll just shoot whatever,” Seviper said, pulling out two handguns.

Our opponents gave use everything at the same time. I ran behind my Delphox and told it to use flamethrower as a shield. James grabbed ahold of Jack while he told Onix to block the attacks. CG use Itsuki’s psychic to block them while Seviper showed some impressive skills with his guns. Through the crowd, I stared at the orbs at the side of the room. All of them had a power chord that went into one spot.

“I have an idea,” I said. “I’m going to need everyone’s help. Help me clear a path over there to those orb things. I’m going to try and disable them. Maybe they do something.”
“Gotcha,” Jack said. “Onix, rock slide!”
“Itsuki, swift!”
“Tranquil, gust!”
“Delphox, come with me,” I said, striking a pose. “Let’s dance!”

I ran while my friends’ Pokemon’s attacks blocked the bad guys. A shadow ball and a flamethrower were missed. Delphox used mystical flare to divert the flamethrower while I jumped and twirled over the shadow ball. The next two attacks were different dark pulses. Delphox got in front of me and used fire blast. I jumped over him and over the other dark pulse. As I landed, I was nearly hit by an air slash.  I looked up to see a Mightyena come at me with its teeth blaring. I ran and slide under it. Delphox used psychic to toss it back over and protect me from an air cutter. A few Zubat appeared and used supersonic. I covered my ears to protect myself from high pitched screeching. Then a few houndor used flamethrower. They used a variety of attacks. The first was smog. I covered my mouth with my sleeve and ran around it. The next was bite which I jumped over that Houndor. The last two were flamethrowers. I jumped over one and the other came at me while I was in the air. I covered my body with my arms and rolled on the ground. Delphox came and used psychic on the last two Houndors. Now there wasn’t standing in the way between me and those clowns. They were all just standing there, amazed by my performance.

Naturally, I had to give a bow. I ran, panting over to the orbs and made my way over to the control panel. There was a switch and I pulled it down. The electricity coming from the orbs stopped and I slipped to the ground. I looked up and saw that all the orbs had something yellow in them. I pushed myself and had a look in the closest orb. It had a Pikachu in it, lying at the bottom of the orb, breathing hard. My heart dropped to my stomach as I frantically searched for my Electravire. Just as I spotted it, I heard clapping.

I turned to see a woman dressed somewhat similarly like the clowns with an orange dress and short orange hair. She was wearing some sort of weird goggles that covered almost her entire face.

“What an excellent performance,” she said. “As to expect of Jhon The Torterra. Now which one of you guys is the so called leader of this little gang you’ve put together?”

Everyone pointed at each other. Jack and CG happened to both point at me.

“What the fuck, you two,” I yelled at them.
“You. Come,” She said, wiggling her finger at me.
“Nu-uh,” I said, shaking my head.
“Fine, then,” she said, pulling a gun and shooting at me.

I was lucky the bullet hit and shattered an orb that was in the front row.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming,” I said, scrambling to get up.

I followed the lady out of the door and down the hall. Her dress squeaked as she moved. Since I was behind her, I pondered trying to sneak off at the next possible corridor, but she had a gun and I didn’t know the place. That and they had security and could easily track me down. Instead, I took out the phone and started texting Officer Jenny.

“We went to the power plant and went in anyways. YOLO try and stop us now,” I texted.

“So, can I get a name, Madame,” I asked.
“I’ll explain everything when we get there,” she said, simply.
“Alright then.”

She led into what I assume was the boss’ office. There was a little radio sitting ontop of a filing cabinet that was playing some old song. She went around the messy desk and sat down in the boss’ chair. There was a nameplate on the floor with the name “Moreu” on it.

“Sit,” she said, pointing at the chair across from her.
“Where are all the workers that are supposed to be here,” I asked, sitting down and putting my feet on the desk.
“Locked in a room somewhere,” She said.
“And how long have they been there?”
“Who cares?”
“Then what do you possibly want with me?”
“A pretty boy like you would be a perfect addition to our team. For a meager fee, you and your friends can join us. We can guarantee you immortality and the freedom to do as you please as long as you do whatever it takes to help us achieve our goal.”
“And what is your goal?”
“That is something you wouldn’t even to begin to comprehend.”
“Sorry. Not interested if this is what you’re doing to these Pokemon.”
“The world is coming to an end soon. We’re doing whatever it takes to protect ourselves. A few lives aren’t anything we’re willing to risk.”
“My Pokemon was one of the ones you’re trying to kill.”
“Fair enough,” She said, picking up the gun off of the desk. “Such a shame. What a waste of a beauty, you know.”

She pointed the gun at me. I fell out of the chair, landing on my back. Maybe I could have felt something, but I couldn’t move. I could see her weird high heeled platform shoes approach my side. I turned my head to look up at her. She stood above me, aiming at my chest.

“Opps. I missed. Sorry about that.”

I wondered what the hell I did to deserve being shot at when the door broke open. Jack grabbed her and shoved her against the wall. She went to do something with the gun, but Jack grabbed her arm. He bashed her head against the wall until she dropped the gun. He kicked the gun away and let her go. She groaned in pain and ran away. Jack came to my side and bent down.

“Are you alright,” he asked.
“Unnnh,” I said.
“Can you get up?”

Jack grabbed my face and looked at me. He started asking questions that I couldn’t understand. I couldn’t even tell if he was speaking English or Spanish. He made me get up and go back to the core of the power plant. I felt like I was trying to walk on a trampoline and I felt like I really needed to lie down somewhere. Naturally, I couldn’t keep up with Jack’s pace and he was getting annoyed with me. The place had been cleared of clowns and their Pokemon and the rest of the team were at the orbs, checking on the Pokemon.

“You sit and stay here,” Jack said, sitting me down by a wall.

He ran over and joined the rest of the team. CG was banging on one of the orbs with his hands and Jack tried to pry him from it. I slowly got up, tumbled backwards, and then wandered over to where they were. Thunder was lying down in the orb.  I could see it breathing.

“We need to…get these Pokemon out of here,” I said, stumbling over my own words.
“What did I just tell you,” Jack scolded.

I fumbled in my pockets for the phone to call the police.

“Here, let me do it,” Jack said, grabbing the phone from me.
“They’ll arrest us,” James said, limping over.
“But Thunder,” CG whined.
“Fine then, you guys can all stay here, but I’m leaving,” James said.

Poor Jack ended up dealing with Officer Jenny screaming at him while he explained the situation. In the end, they told us they’d better not see us in Lumoise any time soon. We had to scram, but neither CG nor I could leave our Pokemon behind. We tried for a few minutes to get them out, but we couldn’t. Seviper ended up shooting the glass to break the Pokemon free. CG grabbed Thunder and took off. I took Electravire’s pulse. It was very weak. Delphox and Jack took ahold of Electravire despite my insistence to take it myself. James already took off, so everyone had to ride with Apollinare.

“Did you guys see Mary in there,” Apollinare asked.
“I didn’t see it anywhere,” Jack said.
“Dammit,” Apollinare growled slamming his fist on the steering wheel.
“You know, I thought I saw James with it,” Seviper said.
“And where is James now,” Apollinare barked.
“He split as soon as we called the police.”
“I sent you guys in to do one thing and you couldn’t even do that,” Apollinare cried.
“Calm down,” Jack said.  “He’ll show up sooner or later. I can’t imagine him leaving us any time soon.”
“I wish he would,” I mumbled.

Apollinare took us to the nearest Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy took Thunder in first because it was in worse condition. CG went behind with her so he could see what she was doing with his Pokemon. Jack and Seviper went to the other Pokemon Center to get our stuff and Si and David. I stayed behind and kept an eye on my Electravire. It regained consciousness for a while, and then closed its eyes again when it realized it was safe now. The police came and dropped off some Pokemon in the lobby. I went around and checked on all of them. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I organized them from weakest to strongest.

I told Nurse Joy what I did and she just ignored me and went for my Electravire next. I said that I was aspiring to become a doctor and asked if I could help with my Pokemon. She let me shaved its arm and put electrodes on it while she and Wigglytuff did all the hard work.

When we came back into there were a lot more Pokemon. When her back was turned, I decided to help her out. I looked up how to put electrodes and where an IV would go on a four legged animal. I took Pokemon and put them into a room and did what I could with them. Some of them were running fevers and I would go and get a cold wet towel and maybe an ice bag if it was really bad.

Before I knew it, it was dark out and there were people in the lobby waiting on word of how their Pokemon’s condition. I turned around and saw Nurse Joy standing there, tapping her foot. I don’t remember what she said, but she was yelling at me and like a wuss, I started to cry. She sighed and grabbed my arm.

“Where are we going,” I asked.
“Hold on just a sec,” She said, taking me into an examination room.

She took my vitals and told me what they were as she did them. They were well above normal, which further made me confused. I asked why that would be since I didn’t think I was all that stressed.

“Look at your arm,” She said, pointing at it.
“Oooh,” I said, looking at all the blood running down it. “Mystery sovled.”

I took off my shirt as Wigglytuff searched through some drawers for some rags and bandages. I felt my stomach turn. I flopped down on the table.

“Is something wrong,” Nurse Joy asked.
“I might throw up a little,” I said.
“Wigglytuff, go get a trash can,” Nurse Joy said, then to me. “Don’t worry, Pokemon are pretty bad at letting you know they’re going to throw up beforehand.”
“I’m sure it’s going to be same in the world I want to enter,” I said. “Anyway, just take care of my arm. I just want to get this over with.”
“Before I let you rest, there’s one more thing I’d like you to do,” she said, patting my arm with a rag. “Think of it as a punishment for doing things on your own.”
“Can I have medicine first? I don’t think I’m going to be able too much without trying not to vomit everywhere.”

Si was upset at something, but didn’t say what it was, and tried to assure the others he wasn’t mad at them. So he stayed behind while everyone else came back. I made CG make a chart on his computer and printed out a couple of pieces of paper. Then I went through the rooms and wrote down the names of Pokemon and the status they were in. I waited for the medication to kick in before I went out in front of a crowded waiting room.

I took a deep breath and began to speak. “Um, can I have everyone’s attention, merci? My name is Jhon and I’m kinda helping Nurse Joy out. One by one, I’m going to call out a type of Pokemon and their status condition. If you own that type of Pokemon, I want you to come with me to confirm that it’s your Pokemon. If it’s not here, then it might be at one of the other two Pokemon Centers. I’m going to make it easier on you all by starting with the Pokemon that have deceased.”

Part of being a doctor is learning how to be a bit heartless to protect yourself and that night was good practice. Some people got angry with me, some were relieved that they knew how their Pokemon were, but most just cried. I couldn’t allow myself to cave in when people were waiting on me. I kept up with it the entire time. Even CG got mad when I called in Thunder early on.

When I was finally done, Nurse Joy let me have a room to myself. She told me that when I grew up, and as long as I could make better decisions, I could become a great doctor. I buried my face in my pillow and cried again. When I got it all out it was around three in the morning. It took even longer for me to fall asleep, afraid of what dreams may come.
Electric City Ch. 6
If this seems rushed, than it probably is. I had about two days to edit this. And like last chapter, I had to change a lot of stuff.

Is it really the second to last chapter? Crap. I have a shit ton of things to research before doing the next one. I know nothing about gangs. You know, the bad kind.

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated
Los Bandito by TheBlackBullets
Los Bandito
A thing I did for Cinco de Mayo. I wasn't expecting to get it done in one day.

I decided to do Jack in a period piece and I should do these more often. He looks so cool.

Ah, yes, Cinco de Mayo, AKA Latinos bitch about white people day instead of celebrating their heritage. Me being both is kinda awkward for me. I don't know diddly squat about my heritage, so I'm just drinking a drink and watch Cinco de Rayo, whatever he's doing.

I'm not looking to submit my art into any groups at the moment. Comments and critique are greatly appreciated!
Walking down the hall of the hospital, I held my head high. I glanced into some of the rooms of other patients. Some were with family members and some were alone, asleep. At the end of the room was Jamie’s room. I stepped in and turned on the light. He was still asleep, unfazed by anything going on around him. I sat down next to him and grabbed his hand.

“Sorry I haven’t seen you in a couple of days,” I said. “I participated in the Lumoise Contest. It was a lot of fun. The gym leader here came to it. His name is Clemont and he’s an electric type trainer. He’s really nice, but I guess a little too nice. Like a doormat nice. Anyway, despite being an expert at electric types, he was really bad. He didn’t make it very far. Oh, and I met a very nice guy named Adrian. He’s funny and really honest about everything. I think you’d really get along with him. Oh, and I won the contest too. See? This is the ribbon I won.”

I paused and stared at him. He would have pretended to care and say, “Oh, that’s nice. You seem to have a lot of fun doing that, huh?” with a fake smile. But he just lay there, slowly breathing.

“Uhm-nywm, nywn,” He mumbled.

I wasn’t sure if he was actually trying to communicate with the world, or if he’s just talking in his sleep. I felt a lump in my throat.

“Yeah, I have lots of fun being a Coordinator,” I said. “You should have been there, James. CG was.”

I buried my head in my hand and started to sob. Sure, I really liked A-Ho, but I like Jamie a lot more.  He helped me out of the hell when I couldn’t do it myself. He was the emotional support while Jack was ready to physically protect me. I had the chance to repay that kindness and I blew it.

I’m so sorry, James,” I said. “I love you so much, but I couldn’t save you!”

I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Come estas?”

I looked up and saw Jack. I stood up and shoved him.

“Where the hell have you been,” I said, pounding a fist into his chest. “You’ve been gone ever since this has all started! Don’t you care about him?”

Jack grabbed my wrist and bent my arm.

“That’s none of your business,” he growled.
“You’re my friend, of course it’s my business,” I said, wiping my tears. “Why’d you come back now?”
“I hate hospitals,” he said, walking over to the window. “They smell weird and they’re really boring.”
“Well, I’m glad you here so I can ask you myself. We’re having dinner at some rich guy’s house. You wanna come?”
“A guy like me in some rich cabrón’s house? Nah.”
“There will be food there.”
“Well, actually, we may have a gig to plan while we’re all there,” I said, rubbing my neck.
“I’m not really in the mood for a gig,” he said, continuing to stare out the window.
“What? You not up for it? Are you okay?”
“Nah, it’s all about these crazy things going on,” he said, motioning to Jamie. “I think we all need a break from all of that.”
“Well, you’re going to have to tell everyone that. Why not over dinner?”
“I ain’t got to tell no one shit,” Jack growled, turning around.
“If you don’t agree to come now, you’ll end up hearing about cheesecake from CG.”

Jack turned around. He dragged his hand down his face.

“Fine, I’ll go.”
“Excellent choice, Jack.”

“Has he done anything since he’s been here,” he asked, looking at Jamie.
“He occasionally mumbles.”
“Man, this just sucks.”
“Yeah, and it’s all my fault.”
Jack scoffed. “You’re not the one who shot him with an arrow.”
“Yeah, but-“

Jack grabbed me by the collar and held me up in the air.

“I don’t want to hear your moping. What good is it going to do now, eh?”
“I dunno. If I was more skilled-“
“Ah, ah. I said I didn’t want to hear it,” he said, shaking me. “Comprendo?”
“Okay, okay, I get it,” I said.

He put me down.

“It’s boring here now. I’m going to go to the Pokemon Center and take a nap.”
I walked over to Jamie and said. “Well, I’ll be going as well. You’ll be fine one day, I know it.”

I gave him a kiss on the forehead and went and caught up with Jack. I tried to hold up a conversation with him, but it was impossible. He didn’t care about the contest or how much training I did in two days. At most, he was interested in the route I took for my jog. When we got to the Pokemon Center, I left Jack alone to do whatever he wanted since he wasn’t paying attention to me. I went to my room and CG and I watched things on his computer until James called us to get ready for the dinner. He wanted us to all dress our best.

He was wearing a green vest and a loose fitted tie with rolled up sleeves.

“Okay, this might be asking a lot out of you guys, but you really need to be on your best behavior,” James said. “The guy we’re going to dinner for is my cousin of whom I was close to when we were children. I haven’t seen him in years and I’d really like to make a good impression.”
“That’s asking for too much,” Si said, waving his hand.

CG snickered.

“More importantly, Jack; you really aren’t planning to wear flannel to the dinner are you?”
“I don’t have anything better to wear,” Jack said, shrugging.
“Whatever, just pull your hair up.”
“Here, let me take care of it,” Seviper said.
“David, can you pull your hair up too,” James asked.
“Hmm,” David said, pulling his hair up.
“I got an extra tie,” Seviper said, messing with Jack’s hair.
“And you should do something about your hair too,” James said, approaching Si. “That hairstyle is so ten years ago.”

Si held his hands against his chest, taking a few steps back. When James went to brush his hair out of his face, Si lunged forward, knocking James to the ground. He looked around at the rest of us with tears in his eyes. His hands returned to his chest and he ran out of the door. David went after him.

“Um, David, Si and I will go on ahead,” I said as Jack helped James up. “I already know the way there, so…”
“Yeah, go on ahead,” James said.

I couldn’t help but to think David was some stranger rubbing Si’s shoulders with his hair tied up. I went up to them. Si had his head held down with his hands on his stomach.

“James was really out of line,” I said.
“Ya,” David said.

Si didn’t say anything, just kept his head down.

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to-“
“It was really rude of me,” Si blurted. “Attacking someone a lot older than me like that! How emberassing!”

Si sat down next to a building, covering his face. David and I looked at each other. David bent down and patted his back.

“He didn’t even know,” Si continued.
“It’s okay,” I said. “He’s just a little worked up, that’s all.”
“I can’t be around my friends now after humiliating myself!”
“It’s fine, really. You aren’t that bad of a person.”
Si took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes with his sleeve. “You two should go on ahead. I-I’ll be a man and apologize to James. It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it?”
“Whatever you say,” I said.
“Eh,” David nodded.

I checked my phone just to make sure I knew exactly where it was. David grabbed the phone from my hands. He was texting something while I tried to get the phone back. He ran away when I got close to getting the phone. He held it over my head, making me jump for it. He started coughing and dropped the phone. I jumped and caught the phone before it hit the ground. I checked to see what he had wrote. He just wrote “Dicks” and signed my name with it. I quickly texted an apology with an explanation.

“Sure, ttly not ur fault- Not Jack,” Was the reply.
I sighed. “I’m serious!”

I looked up at David. He always had a look like he was ready to fight anyone who made eye contact with him as his neutral expression. It was like he was on the cover of any beauty tip magazine or something.

“You know, I keep looking at you and you like an entirely different person with your hair pulled up,” I said.
“Eh,” he said, fiddling with his bangs.
“Yeah, if you dressed up, you’d look just like a prince,” I said.

David started to glow and turned away. The other boys caught up. Si was still blushing, holding his hands out in front of him. I went up to the rest of them, waving.

“David looks like a prince, right,” I asked the others.
“Noooo,” David said, flapping his hand.
“Sure does,” Seviper said.
“I’d hit that,” CG said, rubbing his chin.
“Ehhh,” David said, crouching down, burying his face in his hands.
“Stop fooling around you guys and come on,” James said, kicking David in the back.
“Someone’s jealous David’s better looking than he is,” I said.
James stopped, turned around and flipped his hair. “There’s no better looking guy than me.”
“Sure, if you’re into hobos,” I said, passing.

I got a round of “Oooooooh”s from the guys. James’ face went red and he held up his fist. Jack grabbed his arm.

“You couldn’t hurt a beautiful face like that,” he said.
“Hmph,” James said, pulling his arm away. “See, this is the behavior I’m talking about! Y’all need to knock it off!”
“Did a British guy just say, ‘Y’all,” CG asked.
“M-My parents were southern,” James said.
“Southern British people say y’all?”
“Sure, CG. Sure they do.”

The others were baffled by all the security the place had. Since none of the houses in the place had yard, CG had to ask where their Pokemon went to the bathroom at. Jack sarcastically told him that they just didn’t poop and he believed him.

“CG, what in the world,” I said. “You’re as rich as these guys!”
“I’m not that rich,” CG said. “My parents are the one with all the money.”
“So which panjero’s house are we going to,” Jack said.
“That one,” I said, pointing at the house at the end of the area.

CG ran past me over to the house. David and I went after him. I barely reached him before he got to the doorbell, grabbing his arm.

“Ah, come on,” he whined.
“No, not in a nice place like this,” I said.

He pouted while David rang the doorbell. The woman with lovely red hair and a poofy gown answered the door. David bowed towards her.

“What a nice young man,” she said with a smooth, sweet southern accent. “So, you’re the guests Apollinare and I have been expecting. My name is Amelia, but y’all can call me ‘Millie.’ It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“Thank you very much,” I said, also bowing.

She folded her fan and stepped aside. Apollinare was curled up on the couch, bawling. I turned to Amelia.

“His Mareep, Mary has gone missing,” She explained. “He’s really devastated.”
“Oh dear,” CG said. “Is it alright if we’re here while this is going on?”
“It’s fine, really,” Apollinare said, sitting up. “Don’t let my rotten mood ruin anything. Make yourselves at home.
“Pardon the intrusion,” CG said with a slight bow.
“Wow, look at CG being all polite,” Seviper said.
“What? My parents had other rich people over for dinner sometimes. What sort of impressions would I give to them if I acted all weird?”
“He even dropped his accent,” Si said, impressed.
“I hope you’ll forgive my friends. They’re known to be an obnoxious bunch.”
“Says the most obnoxious one of all,” Jack said.
“It’s quite alright,” Millie said, unfolding her fan and holding it up to her face. “Can I start y’all with some appetizers?”

She led us into the dining room which was already set up with enough food to feed an army. James stayed behind to comfort Apollinare. As we sat down, Jack reached over to grab something. CG yelled at him and told Si to pass what he wanted. I tried to fill up on salami and head cheese. James eventually came and sat with us while Apollinare went to his room. We all gave him a weird look while James put his napkin in his lap.

“What? You boys don’t have your napkins in your laps,” he barked. “For Christ’s sake, children!”
Jack cleared his throat. “So, I was told I was actually needed here for something and I really didn’t have a choice on coming.”
“Oh, right,” CG said, spreading jam onto a roll. “It’s somewhat related to the disappearance of Mary.  Jhon and I were watching TV a couple of nights ago and they were talking about the disappearance of many electric type Pokemon. We were discussing it and we’d thought we’d turn it into a job.”
“Really? Now of all times,” Si said. “Ohh, is that escargot? May I have a few of those, please?”
“I agree with Si,” Jack said. “We’re in no condition to do a gig right now.”
“Are you feeling okay, Jack,” Seviper asked.
“Buein, buein. Anyways, what do you have so far?”
“Uh, we don’t really have anything actually,” CG said. “That’s what we want to discuss.”
“What’s in it for us, most of all,” James said.
“You’re not in on this,” CG snarled. “So, if we play our cards right, we can earn a lot of money doing this.”
“How,” Si said.
“Well, I suppose there’d be a high bounty on the guys behind it,” James said.
“If there are anybody,” CG nodded. “In any case, at most we can swipe money from the people who just want their Pokemon back. I’m sure we’d get quite a bit from gracious people.”
“That’s just plain cruel, taking advantage over vulnerable people like that,” Si said. “Say, these escargot are really good!”
“We really need the money right now,” Seviper said. “For Jamie.”
“So, anyway,” Si said, “suppose we take this gig, how are we going to convince the police that it’s a good idea to interfere?”
“Oh, I have that covered.” I said.  “When I was coming over here, I found Officer Jenny trailing her Magnetric. She said if I got everyone’s permission, she’d tell us everything they know so far.”
“I don’t believe this,” Si said. “This is too convenient. Also, you guys have got to try these escargot!”
“So, it all depends on you, Jack. What do you think,” I said.
“Por que? Why me?”
“You’re the leader. You call the shots,” CG said.
“Do whatever you want. I want no part of this.”
“Excellent,” James said. “Jhon, you go to the station tomorrow and tell them you want in. I’ll come up with a plan in the meantime.”
“Excuse you,” CG said. “Who died and made you the boss? I make the plans.”
“We’ll both come up with something.”

Apollinare and Millie came to the table. Apollinare was carrying a plate with a whole roasted duck wearing a suit. Mille moved some empty trays so he could place the duck in the middle. Si hoarded the rest of the escargot while Mille started to take the rest of the appetizers away.

“Could y’all be a bit patient while we get the rest of the main course ready,” Millie asked.
“I’ll come help,” James said, standing up.
“It’s rude of a guest to do such things,” Millie said, glaring at him from the top of her fan.
“Of course,” James said. “Pardon me.”

Apollinare and Mille sat next to each other beside me and James. Apollinare cut up the duck and handed it out to everyone. He helped himself last and sat down. We were asked to say prayers, but I just sat there while everyone else bowed their heads.

“Again, I appreciate ya offering to help me out in my troubled time,” Apollinare suddenly spoke in a southern accent to James.
“Oh, no, it’s no problem,” James said. “Anything for my dear cousin. And it appears that these boys want to help out as well.”
“Oh, bless y’all’s hearts,” Apollinare said, taking out his heinkercheif. “Oh, and before I forget, I have another favor, I want to ask of ya.”
“What is it,” Si asked.
“Well, as you all know, I am a fashion designer and Jhon recently-“
I stood up and slammed my hands on the table. “I told you not to fucking do it!”
“Wow, rude,” Jack said.
“Gee, Jhon, Apollinare’s having a hard enough time,” Seviper said. “Why you got to be a dick, man?”
“Eh,” David said.
“Just listen to what Apollinare has to say,” James said.

I sat down and folded my arms.

“Well, he had quite the design for a uniform for y’all,” Apollinare said. “I think I’d like to take it upon myself to make it a reality.”
“So this is why you wanted us to come here,” Jack said to me.
“No, I-“
“For fucks sake,” Seviper said.
“Well, this is unexpected,” Si said. “Are the outfits cute?”
“Yeah, they’re fucking adorable,” I said, sarcastically.
“I’d very much like to take y’all’s measurements before y’all leave,” Apollinare said, gushing.
“Wait a minute, I don’t agree to this,” Seviper said.
“Too late, the rich guy’s decided on something,” Jack said. “We’re screwed.”
“That is unless our rich guy decides to play his cards,” I said.
CG patted his mouth with his napkin. “You guys are an embarrassment. If it’s Jhon and Apollinare working on it, I’m sure they’d make us look good.”
“Goddamit, CG,” Seviper said.
“It’s this wonderful,” Millie said.
“Ooh, you guys,” Apollinare said. “You make a man happy!”

As soon as our measurements were taken, we left. James and his Tranquil stayed behind at Apollinare’s while the rest of us went back to the Pokemon Center. David seemed fine the entire time we were there, but as soon as we left, he started coughing up a lung. We shivered as we walked back. It was irritating enough to have to stop every three seconds so David could cough. Seviper picked him up and started carrying him.

CG and I stayed up just long enough to watch the local news to see if they had any updates on the case. We were both so tired; we couldn’t make it through the newscast and turned off the TV. I had a dream where I was standing in the attic of the house I grew up in. There was a mattress on the floor where I slept during the summer when it was too hot to sleep in my own room. But since it was winter, it was too cold to stay up there so I went downstairs into my old room. The window had been boarded up ever since I hit a baseball through it, not having the money to fix it. I turned on the light and glanced around the room. Everything was exactly the same as I had left it. I recalled how miserable I was here. I thought about how much I hated the run down old house. I clenched my fist and ran to the front door. When I went through it, I ended up in the big white house I spent most of the time with CG.

The house was clean and spotless. I made my way through the darkness over to the stairs. I slipped and fell on the stairs as I went up them. I opened the door to CG’s room. He had a huge king sized bed that took up most of the room. And in the corner was an old computer. I grinned and turned around. Jamie was standing there in the uniform I designed with a broken arrow sticking out of his chest.

“What are you doing here,” he asked, reaching out for me.

I woke up, facing the wall. I groaned and buried my face in my pillow. I didn’t want to have another shitty dream like that, so I played with the phone until the sun came up. I was dead on the inside as I came down into the lounge. James was there, offering to cook everyone food. I made a pot of oran berry tea and started to pour the entire thing into a cup. James grabbed the pot from me and told me to go sit down. David came down, rubbing his eyes. James asked him if he was hungry. He shrugged when he didn’t hear an answer. David walked up to him and tugged on his sleeve, making him jump out of his skin.

“Oh, David, what’s up,” James said.

David tried to talk, but all that came out was a hoarse grunt. He pointed at my phone, and then snapped his fingers. I sighed, handing the phone over to him.  He typed something then showed it to James.

“Well, I know you can’t talk,” James said. “There’s nothing new there.”
David typed in something else.
“Oh, irony,” James said. “Well, Jhon made a pot of tea, so why not have some? I’ll make you something soft to eat.”

David grinned and clapped his hands. He came over and sat down across from me. His cheeks were as red as a tamato berry.

“David, your cheeks are really red,” I said. “You’re running a fever.”

He shrugged.

“You came down to eat and then plan on going back to bed, right?”

He nodded and took a sip of his tea.

“So, you’re going down to the police station, right,” James asked.
“Geez, you sound like my mom,” I said. “It really isn’t any of your business. We’re more than capable of doing this ourselves.”
“Is that so?”

As I was walking to the station, I could see Lumoise tower standing in the background. I thought about it, and decided to head that way first. I arched my neck, trying to glance at the top. I looked ahead at the Gym emblem and went in the tower. There were a few people on the ground floor, perhaps tourists wanting to go to the top and enjoy the view. I thought about showing A-Ho that view, and shook my head. No, it was Jamie who needed to see that view with me more. I made my way to the elevator and went up to the floor the Gym was on. The elevator let me out on a small hallway with tubes with electricity flowing through them. There were doors on the other side with a big monitor above it.

“Welcome, challenger,” a robotic voice said. “Please, state your name and number of badges.”
“My name is Jhon Tortera and I don’t have any badges. I came to see Clemont.”
There was a moment of silence before the voice continued. “Ah, you’re a spectator. Please right this way and take a seat in the bleachers.”
“That’s not what I-Never mind.”

The door opened and I stepped into the Gym. There were a bunch of bleachers on either side of the field. Quite a few people were there, waiting to see a Gym match.

“Jhon, what a surprise to see you,” Clemont said, pushing up his glasses. “Come to play on my field, eh? It won’t be so easy on my turf.”
“Um, no, I need to talk to you privately for a moment,” I said.
Clemont turned to the little girl who was standing at the referee’s spot. “Bonnie, I’ll be back in just a moment.”
“Ah, I had my hopes up since someone came so quickly after the Gym opened,” Bonnie said, putting.
“I’m sorry to be a disappointment,” I said.

She folded her arms while I followed Clemont to the other side of the field. I could feel everyone staring at the back of my head.

“I need your help on something,” I said.
“Anything to pay you back for putting up with me,” Clemont said.
“Me and my gang are planning to investigate the disappearance of all those electric type Pokemon. I figured since you’re an expert and an inventor, you can help us perhaps?”
“Um, well that is,” Clemont said, scratching his cheek. “That’s one thing I can’t help you with. You see, I’ve gotten in trouble with my inventions twice recently. If I get caught meddling where I’m not supposed to, I could lose my Gym license.”

I cocked my head.

“That never stops Jack Daniels from helping out from time to time.”
“That’s because he’s Jack Daniels! I’m terribly sorry I can’t help you,” Clemont said, clapping his hands together. “I’ve nearly lost all of my Pokemon as well. I just have my Heliolisk and the Dedenne I caught for Bonnie left.”
“Well, maybe on the technological side of this, at least. Remember that old guy, James? He was talking something about earpieces that could help us communicate with each other on gigs-er, I mean jobs, the last time we were on one. Maybe you can help us with that regard.”
“A sort of invisible device that allows you to talk to others without being detected,” Clemont said, taking off his glasses and wiping them.

He stared at his glasses, and then grinned.

“Oh, I can do you one better,” He said. “With some help from someone, I can do it. But, I doubt I would be able to get it done on time for this…job you’re doing.”
“We can hold out for a bit,” I said, shaking his hand. “That’s so much for your help!”

“It’s a pleasure. Since you’ve helped me, it’s natural I’d repay you back.”

The police station was an old building that had been there for centuries in one of the plazas. It was a big building with white pillars going down the sides of the front entrance. I walked up to the front desk and asked the guy for Officer Jenny and he pointed me to the end of hall, near the exit. Jenny was sitting at her desk. I knocked at the door and she motioned me to sit in a chair. I sat down and put my feet on the desk.

“Great, you came,” She said. “As you know, we’ve been working very hard on this case. What we know so far is that the Pokemon start by acting like-“
“Skip that part. Let’s get to the part where we know where the Pokemon are at,” I said.
“We are still unable to figure out where the Pokemon end up at,” Jenny said, standing up and leaning over the desk. “All we know is that they all head up north, to the badlands.”
‘Great, we’ll start looking around there.”
“If you want to work with us, you have to abide by our rules.”
“Do you doubt us? We’re extremely efficient at what we do,” I said. “We’ll just do whatever we want.”
“That’s how you want it, eh? That would be interfering with our investigation, which by the way, is against the law.”
I shrugged. “I literally don’t care about that. We’re done here.”

I got up and started to walk out the door.

“Five grand,” Officer Jenny said.
“Are you trying to give us pennies? We work for what we deserve. 20 grand.”
“What, now you’re trying to bargain with us?”
“No, just saying what we go for. Clearly, that’s too much to ask for.”
“Fine. We’ll pay you 20 grand if you do exactly as we ask.”
“Okay, sounds fine to me,” I said sitting back down.
“Now, I know you have an electric type Pokemon on you. Plant this tracking device on it. We’ve installed this app on this phone for you to use. Notify us when the dot stops moving.”
“Do you have any more tracking devices? We have more than one electric type and more would be better.”
“I suppose,” she said, handing me another tracking device. “And I’m serious; once you find out where they stop, do not proceed any further.”
“Sure, I can do that,” I said, playing with the new phone.
“Good luck to you guys.”
“Yeah, okay.”

I was upset that the only thing two things that worked on the phone were the app and the phone itself. I used the phone to call CG.

“Hello, Band of Seven, Mukostu speaking,” CG said.
“It’s me, Jhon,” I said. “I have good news; they made a plan for us.”
“Ah, what is it then?”

I explained to him the plan and I could just imagine the look of increasing disgust he’d have as I was talking to him.

“What a terrible plan,” he said.
“Yeah, I know.”
“I mean, what if they don’t want to do it?”
“I mean, we can’t just make our Pokemon do whatever.”
“They’ll do whatever we ask. They love us.”
“We can just ask them see how that goes.”
“Okay,” CG said, unconvinced. “Oh, and I have a surprise for you when you get back.”
“What is it?”
“You’ll see when you get here.”

CG was playing fetch with Thunder when I got back. He got up and ran towards me with a new Pokemon in his arms. It looked like an eevee with short smoothing purple-ish pink fur and a red gem on its forehead.

“Jhon, guess what? Guess what,” CG shouted. “Itsuki evolved into an Espeon!”
“Espeon,” Itsuki said.
“Congratulations,” I said, petting Itsuki’s head. “How’d it happen?”
“I was just playing with Thunder and ‘im and then BAM! He evolved! Now Thunder’s all jealous because I’m over the moon about Itsuki’s evolution! Ah! This means I can get another Eevee!”
“That’s great,” I said.
“Oh, Thunder, I need to ask you something,” CG said, putting Itsuki down.
“Yeah, Electravire too,” I said, taking out its Pokeball. “Guys, we have something important to ask of you. The police want our help and they want us to use you guys as bait seeing as only Electric type Pokemon seem to be affected.”

Without hesitation, Electravire nodded while Thunder’s gears were trying to turn.

“Are you sure,” I asked. “It could be dangerous.”
“Meh, when has that ever stopped us before,” CG said. “They’ll be fine.”
“CG, these are our precious Pokemon we’re talking about.”
“Yeah, I know.”

Thunder got up and jumped on CG’s legs.

“I take it that’s a yes?”
“Jolte,” Thunder said with a nod.
“Aw, yas,” CG said, picking up his two Pokemon. “I got the best Pokemon in the world!”

Thunder and Itsuki started biting at each other.

“You guys certainly have a lot of guts,” I said, patting Electravire on the back. “I fully trust you guys to do your best.”

Long after the sun went down, I asked Jack if I could borrow his hoodie so that I could look more suspicious. He threw the hoodie over me, laughing at how big it was on me. CG went the opposite route, dressing up as nicely as he could. We both took a phone and went in opposite ways. I shivered a little as we walked along the jogging route we used. I couldn’t find any dark places to be shady in this city. I sighed and rubbed my arms.

“Aren’t you cold,” I asked Electravire.

Electravire didn’t respond. It was looking ahead with glowing red eyes. It kept going and turned left at the next street. It was the same as the night I had to go to Apollinare’s to get my outfit. I pulled out my phone, ready to call CG when a bunch of men in strange orange suits and matching clown hair came down the road. They met up with Electravire and started walking with it. I put up my hoodie and followed them.

Lumoise is shaped in a circle following the tower in the center, but that doesn’t stop it from being confusing with the road turns and many alleyways. I picked up my phone again to actually call CG. There was no signal on the phone. The light from the phone caught the attention of one of the guys in the suits.

“What in the world are you doing, trailing us,” he said.
“What are you doing with my Electravire,” I said, putting the phone away.
“What should we do,” one of the guys asked the first one.
“Why don’t you go home,” he said. “It’s past your bedtime.”
“Yours too. Seriously. Give me my Electravire back,” I said, firmly.
“Ergh! He’s outwitting us!”
“There’s more us than there is of him,” One guy said. “Let’s make sure he goes quiet.”

I took a deep breath and did the best I could. One guy tried to grab my arm. I grabbed his instead and bulled him closer so I could knee him in the stomach. The next guy pulled me from the back of my hood and threw me against the wall. This guy knew how to throw punches, not letting up on my face. He then threw me on the ground and the entire gang started kicking me. I couldn’t even curl up in ball, more or less cover my face.

Just when I was about to fear for my life, I heard a sports car go roaring down the street, slamming in its brakes on the sidewalk.  The boys scattered to avoid being hit by the car. I coughed, and flinched from the bright, LED lights. The car was blue, but also had green where the light shown on it.

The owner of the car stepped out, lifting the door up. The guys gawked at the slender figure in tight leather clothing. Then they went after him instead.  The person kicked off high heels, rolling their fists. He grabbed one of the guys and seemed to barely kick him in the side. A few seconds later, he was on the ground, crying in pain. The rest of the guys decided they didn’t want to end up like their friend and took off. The person approached me, holding out his newly polished fingernails. I could barely pick up my head to see who he was.

“Are you okay,” Apollinare asked.
Electric City Ch. 5
Whoo! A few less pages than the last chapter!

I had to cut out a lot of crap that really wasn't necessary to put in here. I think I cut out a few pages from that. 

I wonder about future chapters since Clemont isn't very active and it's turning into just a Black Bullets story instead of regular fanfiction. I'm so glad people are reading this even though I haven't submitted this story to any groups. 

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated!
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Action Pose
This was just practice. There was no way I was going to be able to color it and get it done in time. The hands are fantastic though!
I am determined to get the next chapter of Electric City done tomorrow. I am going to be editing forever.


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