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by LaArka

I saw this on the Thumbshare forum, so I thought I'd help a bit. You really need to focus on the anatomy more. The way Dash's head is, ...

Forgive me if I end up rambling, cause I like to nitpick every single detail I find wrong and I end up sounding abrasive. I assure you,...

While I do believe it is a really well done realistic piece, there are a few things that should be fixed. The first is that girls do no...

Hold on, this one's going to be a dozy because I fucking love this game.

So, sometime this year a friend of mine got a game called Bravely Default and would not shut up about it. I got curious and asked for it for my birthday.

I was real nervous about me not liking it because it was a fantasy RPG and the only other RPG game I played at that time was Pokemon. And I knew that fantasy always has the orphan trope and by GOD do I hate the orphan trope.

And boy do I enjoy the shit out of this game.

To tell the story is kinda hard since it goes through four different points of view at once.

The story starts with The Walking Orphan Trope waking up in some inn and realizes his entire village was swallowed up by the earth. He comes across some girl and they get attacked. He decides to escort her back to town and she's like, "Lol, no. I'm just going to let myself get captured like an idiot." She goes to turn herself in, but then realizes that's a really bad idea. TWOT comes in and helps her fight off the bad guys and she's like, "Wow, you just saved me from making the stupidest idea in my entire life. Maybe we should travel back to my place because I clearly have never wandered outside my home." Then that night some crazy old wizard dude sets an old home on fire. No surprise that he's looking for the girl. She goes, "I must turn myself in this time." And TWOT goes, "Did you not learn your lesson last time?" Then Ringerdingerbel shows up and he's all, "I have this journal that says we should travel together." They're all, "Are you on meth or something?" And Ringerdingerbel's all, "No, I just have amnesia and I'm just hoping that being a man whore could cover that up. But, look, I already know your guys' names!" And then they go to defeat Crazy Wizard Guy and they defeat him with the help of the leader of the bad guy's daughter. She's like, "Well, I dun gon and fucked things up. Can I travel with you guys?" First girl's like, "Fuck no." And the boys are, "Okay." Then that's when they actually start their adventure going to awake four large ass crystals that are said to chase away darkness and close the giant hole that swallowed the village.

And then the end of the fourth chapter happens and that's when things actually get interesting.

There are a lot of characters and most of them are very well written. I'm just going to talk about the main four and a few others that I liked.

Agnes: The heroine of this story. At first she's the type that thinks she can do this on her own, but she quickly realizes she can't. She's called a "Wind Vestal" which means she tends to the crystal of wind and prays to it and makes sure it's nice and sparkly. She rarely leaves the temple where it's kept apart from a few public visits to a nearby steampunk city. Obviously, she's rather naive. But definitely not dumb.  She's very religious and does not stray from her views during the course of the story despite how evident it is that a lot of the followers of the religion are corrupt.

Tiz: The Walking Orphan Trope even though he's old enough to live on his own. Was a sheppard in a small village before things happened. That's really all to him. Nothing stands out with this guy apart from the fact that he doesn't have anyone besides his three friends and he's totally crushing on Agnes.

Ringabel: My baby. Everything about him is well written. An amnesiac who has nothing better to do than hit on ladies, reads the mysterious journal he was found with, is very witty, and way too damn smart for his own good. I've taken a few tips on his character to better write my own amnesiac, David.

Edea: Your typical tsundere who has her best interest at heart. While she is quick to jump to conclusions and blow up at a whim, she does realize she's wrong sometimes, and does her best to own up to her mistakes. And I love how every person that knows both her and her father are like, "Talk to him like a human being for fucks sake!"

The Jackel: A boss I didn't want to fight. He has a damn good reason why he steals shit! We don't need to attack him other than to steal his clothes!

Praline A La Mode: She's so bubbly and cute and sort of a brat. Why is she a bad guy?

Holly Wyte: Just the Japanese dub version of her. But really because I'm 99% sure she shares a voice with Jessie's Japanese voice actress. She's how Jessie should be. 

The gameplay was something I had a hard time getting a hang of. If Pokemon's the only RPG you've ever played, you're going to have a hard time coping with how things work in this game. There are 24 jobs and so many abilities that come with the jobs, it's overwhelming. I have a better idea of what I should be doing now, though.

The artwork is beautiful and so detailed. All the cities are just one drawing. It's crazy detailed. I'm not a real fan of the official art for the characters having tiny hands and feet, though.

If you follow me on Tumblr then you know how much I love the soundtrack. I put it on my ipod so that I can listen to it when I go on vacation. .5 mgs of space left on the memory, c'mon, worth it! Linked Horizon who did the Attack On Titan opening did the entire soundtrack. If Guruen No Yuumiya gets you pumped up enough to kill titans, then the songs on this soundtrack want to make you hunt down baddies and beat the crap out of them as well.

Some of my favorite songs are: Beneath the Hollow Moon, Land of Sand and a Giant Clock, Serpent Eating the Ground, His Name is, Windward (Agnes' Theme), You are My Hope (Tiz' Theme) and the vocal version of World of Scattering Flowers. if you need a start on how good this soundtrack is.

The voice acting is hit or miss on the characters. You have the guy that plays Eren Jeager as Tiz. He actually stands out for me as Eren, though. The person who played Nazz from Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy as Agnes. While her voice fits her perfectly, when she's scared or angry, she has such a hard time emoting. And I don't know who voices Ringabel, but there are times he really gets into it. 

Special props to Airy's voice actress who sucks 99% of the time, but, boy when shit goes down, she becomes flawless. They really play on "Cute characters in the English dub of everything sucks ass" so well. 

Nobody in the Japanese dub sticks out for me except again, Holly. And just that scene in the third world where you defeat either Holly or Barras and they just ham it up. It's so hilarious how bad they're faking it. The English dub just does not do it for no reason and it makes me angry. And I just don't like Holly's English voice at all. I mean, it fits her due to the differences between here and Japan, but she can't ham it up like her Japanese voice actress can when she needs to.

All in all, it's a must buy. It's so worth the money and unlike most modern games, you actually get to play for more than 3 hours. My first run took four months of non-stop play to beat it. 

I think I've rambled enough about this game. WHAT AM I DOING I HAVE A STORY TO FINISH WRITING!
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