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by LaArka

I saw this on the Thumbshare forum, so I thought I'd help a bit. You really need to focus on the anatomy more. The way Dash's head is, ...

Forgive me if I end up rambling, cause I like to nitpick every single detail I find wrong and I end up sounding abrasive. I assure you,...

Make a post to your DA journal. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a ______ icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("all I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV."). The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your DA or link to this post so that the holiday joy will spread.

Surf around your friends list (or friends' friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now, here's the important part:

If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use -- do it.

You need not spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf -- to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not -- it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Give, and you might receive. and you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

Note: I am vain as shit.

1. A life.
2. Job.
3. A cat.
4. Money so I can commission my senpais because they need monies.
5. A year's worth Premium Membership.
6. The Black Bullets fanart.
7. A Heatran.
8. A higher quality camera than the one I have because this one is dying.
9. More Tumblr followers. (Name's the same.)
10. People to lay off of people who want to enjoy the holidays this year. 
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Pollie by TheBlackBullets
Another character I'd never thought I'd be able to draw. I could never seem to get his hair right. So here, I used the tablet to do his hair then went over it with the pen tool. 

Those who read the first version of The Black Bullets probably remember this guy. James' over enthusiastic fashionista  cousin, Apollinare. I missed writing him so much. I wish he could appear more often, but he doesn't. This is from the third chapter of Electric City where he takes a selfie with what he's made of Jhon's contest uniform at that point. 40-year-old man my ass. He acts like a teenager.

The outfit was a bitch to draw. After I finished the cape, I realized it wasn't supposed to be there. Oh well. 

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated!
Dreams by TheBlackBullets
Oh yeah, I still have a ton of things to upload. sdfhaoghnang

This one is of Jhon's dreams. It's sad if you've been reading Electric City.

The background was just..???? ?????????

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated!
Seize The Day by TheBlackBullets
Seize The Day
Happy 15th Birthday, James Allen Hewlett! Enjoy it while you still can, you little shit.

Apparently, the only way I can remember anyone's birthday is if something plot related happens around it. It has also come to my attention that I completely skipped over the events of The Black Bullets which was in February. And after some calculations, I've determined Electric City starts on April 2. Which is soon.

I kinda love the grass. There are no flowers in sight yet (grass for some reason is still dead here for some reason) but I did like drawing them. I should have done the dirt the same way.
I couldn’t sleep. All I could think about was Apollinare doing one of my designs. Before I knew it, the alarm was going off again. I rubbed my eyes, groaning. CG came over and poked me in the shoulder.

“You’re the one who set the alarm, you better get up,” he said.
“Yeah, yeah,” I said, sitting up.

I looked at the edge of CG’s bed and didn’t see Thunder there. I glanced around for him.

“Hey, where’s Thunder,” I asked.
“You’re the one that’s in charge of him, remember?”

I shot out of bed and began looking for him. He wasn’t in the room, so I put on my jogging outfit and went outside.

“You’d better find my Pokemon,” CG yelled as I left the room.

Clemont was sitting in the waiting area with Electrabuzz and Thunder. Clemont stood up, grabbing his backpack and pushing up his glasses. Electrabuzz walked up to me. I held out my arms to hug him.

“Oh, thank goodness you-“

Electrabuzz socked me in the face.

“Bl-bl-bl-bl,” he shouted.
“You promised,” Clemont said.
“I’m so sorry you guys,” I said, bowing on the floor. “I got caught up in looking for an outfit.”
Clemont sighed and said, “You’re lucky they happened to be around Lumoise Tower when I got off of work.”
“Huh? Oh, right. I sometimes forget normal people have an actual work schedule.”
“Look, I’m not mad or anything, but I certainly won’t forgive you either. Battle with me.”
“Sounds fair to me,” I said, stretching. “But we need to warm up first. Come on guys, let’s go outside.”

Clemont stood around while the rest of us stretched. Thunder seemed in a much better mood compared to yesterday morning.

“Your muscles aren’t going to get enough oxygen if you don’t stretch first,” I said.
“Uwh? Y-you’re expecting me to come along,” Clemont said.
“Sure, you want to take this contest thing seriously, right? Gotta do as Coordinators do.”

Clemont groaned as I got up. Electrabuzz and I were off while Thunder and Clemont trailed behind. He complained the entire time we jogged. When we got to the tower, he fell flat on his face and begged for a break. I gave him my water bottle and he gulped down the entire thing. When he was done, we headed back.

“Forget it, I’m too wiped out to fight now,” Clemont whined as soon as we got back.
“Suck it up, weakling,” I said.

Clemont whined some more while Thunder came over and started scratching my leg.

“What is it? Is it time for breakfast?”
“Jolte, Jolteon,” Thunder said, shaking his head.
“Bl-bl-bl-bl,” Electrabuzz added.
“I don’t understand what you guys are trying to say,” I said.
“Oh, I think I know,” Clemont said. “They were acting weird when I found them. It was hard for me to get their attention and they tried to shock me when I got in the way. Luckily, I happened to have my latest invention on hand-“
“How strange,” I said. “I guess I need to keep a better eye on you guys.”

The two Pokemon didn’t seem too convinced. They still stared at me with worried faces.

“What’s with those looks, guys,” I said. “Come on, let’s practice! We only have today to practice, lo let’s get to it! Come on, Clemont, let’s practice!”
“Um, alright,” he said, walking over towards his spot on the battle field. “Don’t really understand the rules of a contest battle.”
“Really, all you have to do is make your Pokemon look the best.”

Clemont shrugged.

“Well, first, there’s a two minute time limit-“
“I know that, and there are points, but I’m not sure how points are determined.”
“Say if your Pokemon attacks your opponent and they dodge the attack, you’ll lose a point. If your Pokemon makes an attack and they block it, you also lose points. You have to be weary of counter attacks as well.”
“I think I get it.”
“Do you trust me to keep an eye on the points?”
“Sure. I want this to be as realistic as possible, so I’ll be keeping time.”
“Okay, Thunder, get over here. Ready?”
“Go, Heliolisk,” Clemont shouted, throwing a Pokeball. “Okay, ready and…go!”
“Thunder, electroball!”
“Charge beam!”

The two moves collided, causing a firey explosion.

“Don’t give them a chance to rest! Charge beam again!”
“Thunder, dodge it!”

Just as we practiced, Thunder twirled as he dodged the attack.

“Wild charge!”

Heliolisk surrounded itself with electricity and charged at Thunder. Thunder did a front flip over it.


Thunder hit Heliolisk in the back with electroball.

“Are you alright,” Clemont shouted. “Hmph. It’s easy to see why Jhon’s famous for this. You’re good.”
“And you are almost at half points. You’d better come up with something quick! Volt tackle!”
“Dodge it!”

Heliolisk jumped to the side.

“Now, thunder!”
“Volt tackle!”

Thunder dodged with volt tackle, and then hit Heliolisk square in the middle.

“Now we got you! Discharge!”

Thunder screamed as Heliolisk shocked him. Of course, you can’t be a champion if you have weak Pokemon. Thunder shook himself off.

“Good job! You’ve only managed to hit my Pokemon once! Let’s see if you can do it again. Thunder, electroball!”
“Heliolisk, get back and use thunder again!”

Heliolisk jumped back, dodging my attack then used thunder. Thunder leaped to the side.

“Charge beam,” Clemont shouted.
“Volt tackle! Straight through!”

Thunder charged straight through the charge beam, sending Heliolisk flying through the air.

“Ce est fait! We’re done,” I said.
“Already,” Clemont said, slipping to the ground.
“Good job, Thunder,” I said, spreading my arms out.

Thunder ran over, jumping into my arms, wiggling his butt. I congratulated him, scratching his body. He flopped over on his side and I gave him belly rubs.

“Ah, man, this is hopeless,” Clemont said.
“You’ve already gone up against someone who knows what they’re doing. You’re one step ahead other people competing for the first time.”

Heliolist nuzzled Clemont and he still stared at the ground, rubbing his Pokemon’s head.

“You said you were doing this for the experience, right? Your focus should be on that instead of winning.”
“It’s not like that I need to do it at this point or anything,” Clemont said, standing up, “but I always feel like I have to prove myself.”
“Hmm? Why is that? And to whom?”
“I dunno,” he said, pushing up his glasses.  “Maybe mostly to myself. As you can tell, I’m not the most confident of guys.”
“I guess I can see that,” I said with a nod.
“What about you,” Clemont asked. “Why did you become a Coordinator?”

I told him as we went inside. He offered to make me breakfast as thanks for all the help I’ve done so far. It was a big hearty breakfast of waffles, hash browns, eggs and bacon. Simon came down into the trainer’s lounge in his pajamas, scratching his stomach. He did a double take at me and Clemont.

“What in the world did you do to deserve to have breakfast with a guy like that,” Si asked.
“If you ask nicely, I’m sure Clemont will make you breakfast as well,” I said, scooting over so he could sit next to me.
“Th-that’s not what I’m getting at all!”
“Is this a friend of yours,” Clemont asked.
“My name is Simon,” Si said, bowing. “But seriously! You can’t just eat so casually like this!”
“Says the guy who came down here looking like that.”
“I-I had a paper to finish and I haven’t been able to get dressed yet.”
“Tsun, tsun.”
“You stop that!”
“Anyway, don’t you have a job or something,” I asked Clemont.
“I have time. I open for business at ten,” Clemont said, throwing his arm over the seat.
“You sure? It’s 9:30.”

Clemont looked at his watch.

“Ahh! Oh no! I gotta go!”

Clemont grabbed his backpack and recalled Heliolisk. He got out of there as quickly as he could.

“Run, nerd, run,” I shouted at him.

Si and I giggled. My phone rang. I got to texts from Apollinare. One was of a selfie and part of my costume on a mannequin in the background. The second said, “Just showing you what I have so far! I’m having a blast doing this project!!!<3”

I texted him back. “Looks awesome so far. Don’t screw around too much. Lol.”
About three seconds later he replied, “Jajaja. I’m just goofing off by showing you what I’ve done so far. Don’t worry!! I’ll get it done on time!!”

I grinned. I certainly wasn’t expecting Apollinare to take his time to show me what he was working on. I was a bit worried, however. He had just today to finish it. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do a dress rehersal.

“Who was that,” Si asked, sitting down where Clemont was with some orange juice.
“None of your business,” I said, getting up.
“Hey! Where are you going,” Si said as I was heading out the back door with Thunder. “Clean this mess up!”
“Nah, you got it,” I said, waving at him.

I let out Electrabuzz and called Thunder over. Thunder was sniffing a bush and lifted a leg when I yelled at him. Thunder came over and sat down, pouting.”

“Okay, I think I have the basics down. Now Electrabuzz and I will work on dodging fancy,” I said.

Thunder yawned, trotting back over to the bushes.

“So I’m going to be in the way at the start,” I said. “I’ll start with kneeling so you can be seen. I will roll over to the side and get up. Then I will twirl around until I get at your side, got it?”
“Bl-bl-bl-bl,” Electrabuzz said, raising his fist.
“Good. Stand here while I jump over you to see where I need to be standing to practice.”

When I got into position, I gave Electrabuzz the signal by nodding. He threw an electroball and I rolled to the side. He threw another one and I got up with a quick spin. As he continued to throw elecroballs at me, I did my best dodging them in a series of leaps and spins. I thought I was done, so I spun around, facing Electrabuzz. All I saw was an electroball heading straight at me.

I opened my eyes, staring sideways on the ground. I tried to get up, but a stinging sensation ran through my body.

“Are you alright,” Someone asked.

I looked up to see a guy around my age with medium blue hair and dashing same color eyes. He held out his hand to help me up.

“Mhhhn,” I grunted as I felt another sting.
“Can you get up?”

I could barely shake my head as another jolt ran through my body.

“Could you help me pick him up,” the guy asked, pushing me up.
“Bl-bl-bl-bl,” Electrabuzz said, picking me up from the other side.
“Okay, one two,-“

The guy and Electrabuzz helped me up and carried me into the Pokemon Center. I tried my best to walk with them, but my legs weren’t working right. They sat me down in the waiting room. The guy called over Nurse Joy.

“That guy over there was hit by that Eletrabuzz,” he explained. “I saw it happen. He says he can’t move very well.”
“I see,” The Nurse Joy said, walking over to me. “I’ll see what I can do.”

I flopped over onto Electrabuzz as my body twitched. Nurse Joy bent down and picked up my head so she could look at me.

“What’s your name,” She asked me.
“Nhhh-mmm,” I said.
“Wigglytuff, can you bring me a stretcher,” Nurse Joy said to her Pokemon assistant, then back to me. “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright.”

I somehow managed to nod. The Wigglytuff came back with the stretcher and it and Nurse Joy put me on it.

“Is he going to be alright,” the guy asked.
“Bl-bl-bl-bl,” Electrabuzz repeated.
“It just seems like he’s paralyzed,” Nurse Joy said. “He should be fine.”

Nurse Joy wheeled me into a room and told Wigglytuff to get some cheri and oran berries.

“Besides where you were hit, are you in any pain anywhere,” she asked, taking my pulse.

I shook my head.

“Good,” she said as Wigglytuff gave her a cup. “Now, just drink this.”

She held me up as I drank the cheri and oran berry juice. It was a tasty and interesting combination of flavors.

“Now, you should rest for a bit, alright,” Nurse Joy said.
I nodded and mumbled, “Pillow.”
“I can get one for you. Do you want some blankets too?”

I nodded again.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”
“Oh, and I don’t want to be disturbed,” I said.
“Alright. I’ll pass that message along.”

I curled up in a ball and mused over what happened. Worrying about being injured and losing time over it wasn’t going to help, so instead I thought about what I could do to practice and not get hurt again. A short time later, I ended up taking a nap.

I felt an ominous presence lurking around me, waking me up. David was standing next to my bed, frowning.

“Hello, David,” I said, sitting up. “Was someone looking for me?”
“Eh,” David said, motioning for something.

I gave him the phone. He started texting, probably telling whoever it was where I was.

“Tell whoever it is that I’m resting now and don’t want to be disturbed.”

David nodded and started texting again. The phone rang, startling him. He coughed then answered it.

“Eh,” he said.
“NOT YOU, YOU MUTE FUCK,” I heard CG yell loud and clear. “I WANT TO TALK TO JHON!”

David handed me the phone, coughing into his sleeve.

“I just told David to-“
“Where’s Thunder at,” CG barked.
“Thanks for your concern. I, uh…I have no clue where Thunder’s at.”
“You lost him again?!”

David closed his eyes, then walked over to the door and opened it.

“C-Calm down, CG,” I said, trying to distract him while David used his weird voodoo to find him.
“I can’t believe you,” CG yelled as David took off. “You’re so irresponsible!”
“Uh, he must be nearby because David just left.”
CG sighed. “Whatever. I’ll be right down.”

David came back with Thunder, Electrabuzz and that guy.

“Glad to know people are fully capable of respecting an injured person’s wishes,” I said as David sat Thunder down next to me.
“I was sort of babysitting these two for you while you were resting,” The guy said. “Then this guy came over and just took your Jolteon.”
“Well, thank you for looking after my Pokemon when I couldn’t,” I said, bowing to him.”
“It’s nothing,” he said. “By the way, my name is A-Ho.”

David and I looked at him in disgust.

“Um, well, it’s actually Adrian Ho, but calling me A-Ho is easier,” he said, laughing nervously.

Thunder rolled over on his side, wanting my attention. I started rubbing his belly when CG came bursting through the door.

“Mine,” he said, picking up Thunder.

And like that he was gone again.

“Are you sure it’s alright for him to take Jolteon like that,” A-Ho asked.
“It’s his Pokemon,” I said. “I’m just borrowing him for the contest. Amway, my name is Jhon Torterra. And that over there is David.”
“Oh, I know who you are,” A-Ho said. “You’re a Coordinator as well, isn’t that right?”
“Um, yeah,” I said, blinking.
“That’s awesome. I never get to chat with other Coordinators outside of contests.”

Come to think of it, neither do I. Not that I talked much to other Coordinators in the first place.

“This is going to be my first contest in this region,” A-Ho continued. “I’m really nervous, but excited.  Especially knowing that you’re going to be there.”
“I’m famous even in other regions,” I asked.
“Don’t flatter yourself. I just happened to catch you in the last Cyllage contest on TV. I’ve never seen someone perform with their Pokemon before. I find it impressive.”
“W-what I do really isn’t,” I said, blushing.
“But it’s true. Kalosian contests are sure different from other region contests, though. Do you mind if I ask you something about contests here,” A-ho asked, clasping his hands together. “I hope it doesn’t sound stupid.”
“I don’t mind,” I said.
“Um, how come Coordinators don’t give their Pokemon commands?”
“Both trainer and Pokemon are expected to memorize the routine. We find it more interesting that way.”
“Ah, man. It looks like I’m going to have to do a lot more training to do before tomorrow,” A-Ho said.
“Me too,” I said, hopping out of bed. “I feel a lot better now, though. I guess we should get back to work.”
“Bl-bl-bl-bl,” Electrabuzz said.
I patted him on the head. “I know you feel bad. It was just an accident.”

I folded up the blanket and carried it and the pillow out into the lobby. I ran into Wigglytuff and asked it where to put them. It motioned for it to carry everything and I left it to it. I went outside and explained the new plan to Electrabuzz. We decided to work our final move instead. I stood where I wanted to end up at and told Electrabuzz to do its thing. Electrabuzz made a big Electroball and shot it into the air. Then, using Thunderbolt, hit it and made the Electoball burst into sparkles that slowly fell around the ground. Then, Electrabuzz and I bowed like we knew we did a good job.

“Okay, why don’t we figure out just exactly what we’re doing before we add the Electroballs to it,” I said.
“Bl-bl,” Electrabuzz nodded.

I started over again, jumping over Electrabuzz’ back. I tumbled on the ground, and then rolled over to the side. Standing up and twirling around, I thought of that guy that helped me out. I twisted my ankle and fell.

“I’m fine,” I said as Electrabuzz helped me up. “Okay, again from the top!”

I couldn’t keep him from my mind. There was just something about him. It was really distracting and was keeping me from performing even remotely well. As I was getting frustrated, Si came along and watched me try to peform. I somehow got from point A to point B and opened my eyes to see Si trying not to laugh.

“What are you trying to do,” he asked, snickering.
“Trying to perform,” I said, walking over to the starting point.
“You call that performing? You look like a majestic Magikarp flopping around in the middle of the desert.”
“You stop that,” I said, pointing at him.
“Your coordination is really off,” he said, walking over to me. “Both of you are.”
“Are you going somewhere with this or are you just going to hurl insults at us?”
“Come now, I’m not that cruel, even if I am a DeVille.”

He was trying to tell a joke. I just know it.

“Anyway, think about it like a dance,” Si said, striking a pose.
“Hmmm, how do I put this in a way a non-dancer can understand,” Si said, swinging from side to side. “Oh, I know. You know how in music there are beats in a measure?”
“Well, in a dance, it’s the same way. A movement would be a beat and there are eight beats in a measure.”
“I still don’t get it.”
“Okay, how about I show you,” Si said, taking place where I start in from of Electrabuzz.

He counted out the movements as he copied exactly what I was doing. I clapped when he was done.

“You could be a Pokemon performer if you really wanted to,” I said.
Si growled at me. “Okay, now you do it, and I’ll be counting out for you.”
“Oh, so you’re helping me out with my routine,” I asked.
“Un, duex-“
“Okay, okay, I’m doing it!”

Si was a harsh teacher, making us start over whenever I thought about messing up. Electrabuzz was pretending to shoot Electroballs while I danced around.  I thought I had a lot of discipline, but I had nothing compared to Si. He wanted me to do it exactly the way he wanted me to do it. Even my poses had to be spot on.

The sun was going down as I finally performed to his liking. We were allowed to take a five minute break before we continued. I drank half a water bottle before handing it to Electrabuzz who finished it off.

“This performance is about you, not me,” I said to Electrabuzz. “But it looks like I’m doing all the work.”
“Ah, waah,” Si said. “You’re the one who asked for my help.”
“I didn’t ask you for anything,” I mumbled. “I better get the top spot in the appeal round.”
“That’s the spirit,” Si said. “If you follow my lead, there’s no way you can lose!”

I glared at him, finishing off what was left of the water bottle. Clemont came through the back door and I stood up.

“Sorry, I didn’t forget this time,” I said. “I kinda have to rush at this point.”
“That’s alright,” Clemont said, putting his backpack down. “I’m off work, so we can use the Gym if you want.”
“Hmm, it is getting cold out,” I said.
“You’re only cold because you’ve stopped working,” Si said. “Break time is over. Back to work!”

I groaned loudly.

“Okay, I think it’s time to start using Electroballs now,” Si said to Electrabuzz. “Jhon’s right you know. You have to pull your weight too.”

Clemont stood up and Si held out his hand.

“No, you stay here and watch this.”
“But Jhon said-“
“Who cares what Jhon said.”

Clemont sat back down. You’re going to feel the burn just by watching me, I thought Electrabuzz used Thunderbolt and I jumped off of his shoulders. I rolled over to the side and as I stood up, Electrabuzz surprised me with an Electroball.

“Stop, stop! Jhon! What are you doing,” The adorable little terror shouted.

I opened my mouth to explain what happened when Si pointed at the starting point.


I shuffled my feet, groaning.

It was about ten at night when we perfected the routine to Si’s liking. I was so worn out I could barely drag my body upstairs to my room. Electabuzz flopped down on the floor when we got in. Surprisingly, CG was still up, eyes glued to the TV. I sighed as I grabbed a pillow and lied down on the end of the bed.

“Man, I’m so worn out,” I whined. “Simon’s really horrible when it comes to perfection.”
“Uh-huh,” CG said, cramming chips into his mouth.
“Well, for sure, I’m going to be ready tomorrow,” I said.
CG grunted.
“Um, you’re still going to let me use Thunder, right? We’re still friends, aren’t we?”
“Of course,” CG said, finally turning to me. “Why wouldn’t I let you borrow Thunder?”
“Where is he, anyway?”
“Somewhere where you can’t lose him,” he said, patting his belt.
“Oh, right, I should get in touch with Apollinare. I still need a costume.”
“Who,” CG asked as I started texting him.
“It’s a long story.”

Apollinare texted me right back.

“I know, I know! I’m sorry, I’m almost done. I have a wee bit ofan accident while making your pants. Took me 4ever to get th bleeding to stop. There might be a bit of blood on them. Fml. ;-;”
“Is it going to be done by morning,” I asked.
“Oh, even before then. I’ll text you when I’m done. K?”

I sighed. He’s really working himself. He seems like he does this often, though. Somehow I admired how hard he was working. I put down the phone by my bed and started watching TV.

“In other news,” An anchor woman said, “electric type Pokemon are going missing throughout Lumoise City. Even Lumoise’s own Gym Leader, Clemont Jaeger’s Pokemon are gone.  It is currently unknown why Pokemon are disappearing, but the Police are working really hard to find the missing Pokemon. If you have any information about the missing Pokemon, you are urged to contact authorities.”
“What a fucking nerd,” CG said when Clemont’s picture showed up on the screen.
I laughed. “I know, right?”

Then it dawned on me that a nerd was lying down next to me, eating more chips.

“So, you ready for tomorrow,” CG asked.
“Huh, interesting,” I said. “It must mean a lot of people have had their Pokemon go missing if they announce it on a national news station.”
“Hello, Jhon,” CG said, waving his hand in my face. “Pay attention to me.”
“I got a ticket to see the Pokemon contest,” CG said. “I want to see how Thunder does.”
“Really,” I said.
“Yeah. Me and James are going.”
“Oh, thank you,” I said giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “It means a lot to me!”

None of my friends never really held any interest in my Coordinating career for all kinds of stupid reasons. For five years I’ve tried to get them to come.

“I’m not going to see you, I want to see Thunder,” CG said, pushing me away.
“Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed,” I said.
“That means we’re going to have to get up early tomorrow, right? We should go to bed now.”
“I have to get up earlier than you because I have to be there before the general audience does,” I said. “So my alarm is going to wake you up.”
“Kay,” he said.

I put on my pajamas in the bathroom, thinking about the missing Pokemon.

“Hey, CG,” I said poking my head out the door. “I keep thinking about the missing Pokemon.”
“Yeah, what about it,” CG called back.
“Well, it’s kind of weird that only one type of Pokemon that’s disappearing. And a lot of them too. Do you think they’re actually being kidnapped?”
“Sounds suspicious to me. Are you saying you want to investigate it?”
“Well, no, not really,” I said, coming out dressed.
“Why don’t we talk to Jack about it,” CG said.
“Whatever happened to him, anyway? He was gone when all of this started, then came back for a day and now he’s gone again.”
“Then it’s time to send David to get him, I guess.”

I went and lied down in my bed and turned off the light.

“Hey, I think you’re onto something,” CG said. “I think there could be a lot of money to be made here.”

I had a dream where I walked into Jamie’s hospital room and he was sitting up in bed.

“Oh, hi Jhon,” he smiled.
“Hi,” I said, a little confused. “When did you wake up?”
“That was pretty scary back then,” he said. “I thought I was going to die.”

I looked down at my hands and they were covered in blood. I was in the van with Jamie lying down in Jack’s lap. Jamie was moaning helplessly as blood was pouring out of his chest. I found my medicine bag and looked for bandages. I couldn’t find any, so I took off my shirt and used that instead. I pleaded him to hang in there, but all he could do was weakly moan in pain.

The phone woke me up. I sat up, breathing hard. I grabbed the phone, answering it before it could go to voicemail.

“It’s me, Apollinare. I’ve finally finished it! Could you do me a favor and come to my house to try it on? I’ll text you the address.”

I looked at the clock.

“Apollinare, sweetie,” I said and waited for him to respond.

CG chuckled while it took Apollinare to process what I was angry about.

“O-oh,” he finally said. “I’m so sorry it’s late, but I can’t just give it to you in the morning. If I have things to re-adjust, I really might not make it in time for the contest. I know it’s really early, but can you be a dear and come and see if it fits?”
“Fine, I’ll come,” I said.
“Perfect! I’m sending you the address now.”

I hung up and yawned, getting out of bed.

“I’m going to some stranger’s house to try on clothes,” I said, putting on my winter coat. “I’m probably going to get fucked or not come back.”
“Have fun,” CG said.

For some reason, we still had Jamie’s bike sitting in the bike rack outside the Pokemon Center. I took that while looking up Apollinare’s address. I really didn’t want to bother walking all the way and I don’t have a car, so the bike was the only way to go.

On the way, I saw a Magnetric slowly walking down the street. Its eyes were vacant and glowing red. I rode up next to it to see how it would react, but it didn’t. I stopped and watched it continue down the road. Then someone dressed in dark clothes and wore a scarf on their head started following it. Even though I was unarmed, I approached them. On closer inspection, I realized it was a girl and an Officer Jenny.

“Is that your Magnectric,” I asked in a low voice.
“Yes,” she said in the same tone, “I’m trailing it to see where it ends up.”
“Ah, so you suspect the electric type Pokemon are being kidnapped as well?”
“And you are,” She asked.
“Jakostu of The Band of Seven,” I said.
“Really,” She said, taking a step back. “I didn’t know you of all people were in The Band of Seven.”

The Band of Seven was a group of guess how many boys that were bounty hunters. We were good at it and ended up being rather popular around Kalos. We kept our identities a secret of naming ourselves after anime characters. Though, it was rather hard to keep it all a secret when one of the members was the son of a Gym Leader.

“Keep a low down,” I said. “I’m using a different name, you know.”
“Oh, right,” she said.
“Um, I guess it’s really isn’t any of my business, though,” I said. “I just got curious is all.”
“As someone who fights crime as well, I wouldn’t expect anything else.”
“I’ll leave you to your own endeavor,” I said, starting to pedal off.
“Wait,” she said, pulling out a notepad. “In case this ends up being bigger than we think, can we call you boys and see if you can help?”
“That is something I need to talk to the rest of the team about,” I said. “I don’t have much of a say with the rest of the group. I don’t know where our leader is, anyway. We kinda need him.”
“Well, think about it,” Officer Jenny said, passing by.
“I will,” I said, taking off.

I ended up on the far rich side of town at a place called Le Bleu Mansion. The place had a gate with a guard at the main entrance. There was no way I was getting in with security like that. The guard stood up and looked down at me. I looked down at my phone. I was still some 200 yards away from Apollinare’s home.

“Moisuer security guard,” Apollinare said, waving his hand. “Can you let this boy in? He’s a client of mine and I need him to try on the clothes I made for him.”

Well, that didn’t seem suspicious at all. The security guard nodded and opened the gate. As soon as I could, I went around the gate. I didn’t really have time for this. I needed my beauty sleep before the big event.

“Again, I’m sorry for calling you out at this time in the morning,” Apollinare said.
“Oh, no, not at all,” I said, getting off the bike.

His house was the biggest house I’ve ever seen apart from the warehouse my gang owns and are trying to make it our own. It was two stories and really long with part of it curving.

“Is my bike safe out here or can I bring it in,” I asked.
“It should be fine,” Apollinare said, “We have a security guard out there as you saw.”

He opened the door for me. My outfit was on a mannequin in the middle of the livingroom. It was just as I imagined. A blue shirt with a darker blue stripe going down the middle and the sides of the sleeves. A same come color pair of pants with blue stripes going the sides as well. And a light colored creamish-yellow cape draped over the left side with gold plates holding it to the shirt.

“Wow, it’s really amazing,” I said, running up to it. “It’s just like my sketch only real! And you made shoes to go with it as well!”
“Um, I don’t actually know how to make shoes so I bought them for really cheap instead,” Apollinare said, “I have a room you can try it on in.”

He led me down a hall. I saw a bunch of photos of him and a woman with big poofy dresses and red hair. I figured she was his wife. There were some of him and his secretary as well as some of a young child with his wild and curly blue hair. Apollinare opened a door and I went in.

I locked the door. I certainly didn’t want him or anyone else to come in as I was dressing. This room was covered in different kinds of clothes and fabrics. There was a sowing machine looking out a window.

“So, how does it feel,” Apollinare asked as I walked out.
“It feels perfect to me so far,” I said. “Can I prance around your living room so I can tell how it feels when I move?”

I twirled, jumped and pranced around like I was doing a routine. Apollinare clapped at my performance. I was able to stretch the way I needed to when I performed and that was the only requirement I needed. Apollinare need to see me do it so he can watch for other things, I suppose.

“Perfection, I’ve done it again,” Apollinare said.
“My requirements are filled. Good work on doing this on such a short deadline.”
“Now, about the payment…”

I stood there, tilting my head at him. Why would he need money for doing this again?

“Oh, crap! I forgot to bring money!”
“Well, that’s no good. Can’t have a performance without a costume. Can’t have a costume unless a fee is paid.”
“What do I do,” I said, panicking.
“Sounds like I’ll have to hound you down until you pay it.”
“I-I’ll have the money when the contest is over,” I pleaded.
“Sounds fair to me. I’ll be waiting where the Coordinators get out.
“There’s going to be a lot of fans waiting for their favorite Coordinator to come out.”
“Oh please,” Apollinare said, flipping his hair. “I am a celebrity after all.”
“Okay, I’ll make a note to bring money,” I said, writing down a note on the phone.”
“So, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.”
Electric City Ch. 3
This time I got the entire thing done in one setting. My arms are about to fall off.

At least now I can eat and shower and stuff.

I realized I fucked up at the end of the last chapter by forgetting to go back to the Pokemon Center and seeing how Electrabuzz and Thunder were doing. I tried to fix it here.

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated!
Si Si by TheBlackBullets
Si Si
I was experimentive and it was a success!

I usually draw such things with Jamie, but I chose Si for this one. 

I think I might make this one into another papercraft.

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated!


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