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by LaArka

I saw this on the Thumbshare forum, so I thought I'd help a bit. You really need to focus on the anatomy more. The way Dash's head is, ...

Forgive me if I end up rambling, cause I like to nitpick every single detail I find wrong and I end up sounding abrasive. I assure you,...

I was inspired to do some more world building. This time it's on Kalosian cities and towns. Note: some are made up and there are some that are missing (like CG's and Jhon's and Si's hometowns.) Those might be added as soon as I figure out where to put them. 

Vaniville Town/Aquacorde Town
Founded 1540

Two small towns that sit next to each other. The only thing to do here is visit the local cafe. 

Santalune City
Founded around 500

The city where The Pokemon League began. Was a fort for a few hundred years before that was burnt to the ground. The strongest trainer in the Kalos region was in charge of the fort and decided to build a gym using whatever was lying around and challenged others to battle him. The idea picked up in other places and more gyms popped up.

Lumiose City
Founded around 3000 years ago

Started as a castle in the middle of the Kalos region as it was founded. It was destroyed in The Great War. A city was founded by the prince turned king of Kalos in honor of his father. Only one person truly knows how the city was founded. 

Since The Pokemon League was founded, there had been strict competition to be the gym leader of Lumoise. Most of the gyms have been in the center of the city. In 1980 construction for the now famous Lumiose Tower began in honor of a beloved gym leader. Construction halted halfway through due to low funds and in 2004, it was completed. 

Camphrier Town
Founded 1000

After The Great War, The Kalosian royal family moved around from place to place within the region. They finally settled down outside of Lumiose. The castle still stands and it's run by a family unrelated to the original kings and queens of Kalos.

The Berry field outside the town was bought out by The Cummings Family.

Atmora Village 
Founded 2012

After Team Galactic attacked Iorn Island, Riley began researching Aura Guardians. He wound up in Shalour to do research on Korrina's family line was dissapointed that Aura faded out if the family line a long time ago. But he did find a good number of Guardians in the city and founded a club so that the Guardians can learn about their powers. The club quickly grew and they all decided to build a place to call home. 

The village grew and since they were destroying the forest, nearby Pokemon Rangers tried to stop them. The Kalosian government eventually stepped in to stop the nonsense by allowing the Guardians to do whatever because they have more important things to worry about.

Cyllage City
Founded 1703

Was founded during the war with Unova. They caught wind that Unova was trying to go around Kalos' shore and attack from the east instead of the southwest. The fire type Elite Four member was closest and he and many fire type trainers that he was training defended the shoreline. Cyllage was set there after they had waited months for Unovan soldiers to come. 

Every year for Kalos du Jours, citizens chase each other around with fireworks. 

Ambrette Town
Found 1970

Fossils were found here and then, bam! A town!

Geosenge Town
Founded 2000 years ago

Started as a mining town for the nearby bounty of evolution stones, but there is the mysterious stone that sits between that and the town.

Shalour City
Founded around 3000 years ago

Korrina's ancestor who discovered the Lucarioite became rich because of his discovery and built a statue of his Mega Lucario. Eventually that became a tower. And eventually a city when Korrina's family decided to become Gym Leaders.

Courmarine City
Founded 1431

Started as a port town for fisherman. Was a Water Type Gym for a long time.

Laverre City
Founded 1907

Founded by Japanese immigrants who didn't like Kalosian architecture much. Also has lots of hot springs and its own unique cuisine. Never had a Gym until recently. 

Dendemille town
Founded 1335

Where most crops are grown. Also where Pokepuffs were invented.

Anistar City
Founded around 2050 years ago

Location of The Ultamite Machine. Travelers found the machine and thought it was built by the Gods and worshipped it not knowing what it was but sensed it's great power. It was later turned into a sundial for Az' amusement.

Couriway Town
Founded in 1869

Nothing more than a tourist trap for the waterfall.

Snowbelle City
Founded in 1680

Founded as for the first line of defense against Unova's attack on the region. Kalos underestimated Unova's forces and fell quickly.

Blizzamount Town
Founded 1700

A town that sits on a mountain. Founded by refugees trying to escape the war. They got lost and were rescued by Abomasnow living there. The villagers and Abomasnow live in harmony and both villagers and Abomasnow pass down the tale of the town to their children. 

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The Black Bullets Pallet Practice by TheBlackBullets
The Black Bullets Pallet Practice
New computer means new color schemes for The Bullets. I used Jamie as a base when I should have used James. Then I went from darkest (Jack) to lightest (Jhon.) I'm going to have to re-do half of them and mess with their colors, but this is what I have so far. I think I may have to adjust the outfits as well. 

While I want critiques, keep in mind that the anatomy is not the point of the piece, it's the coloring. There are a LOT of little things that I forgot but are to lazy to fix. 
So, Windows 10 does not have Word with it and I can't pay for it, you also have to pay for ZenWriter now which I also can't pay for and Chrome's spellcheck is shit. How am I going to edit my stories now?
The Jhon by TheBlackBullets
The Jhon
I was just sketching, but the idea was too stupid not to color.

If Jhon was in Team Flare, this is what his outfit would look like. He squeaks when he moves. Tres FAAAAASHIOOONBLUUUUH!
I reached over and turned the alarm off. I turned on the lamp on my light stand and changed out from my regular clothes into my school uniform. I sighed. Just when I was getting used this this uniform, I'm going off to high school in a month. 

I went across the hall and was about to go into the bathroom when my little brother cut me off and went in ahead of me. I growled and went downstairs instead. Mom was in the kitchen, getting breakfast ready. Every Sunday she goes to the local bakery and buys a loaf of bread for the week. We have it for breakfast. She usually spices it up to keep it from getting boring. I never really cared, I'd eat it plain every day if I could. 

Dad was already sitting in his chair in his pajamas. I sat down next to him and yawned.

"Morning, Tom," he said. "Still tired?"
"Ah, I couldn't get to sleep last night,"I lied.
"Is that so?"
"A young boy like you needs all the sleep you can get," Mom said, setting our plates down in front of us.
"This looks great, honey," Dad said, eating the jam covered toast.
"I'll be fine," I said. "I can handle being tired all day."
"But still," Mom said, putting a plate down for Tommy. "Now, where is your brother?"
"Here I am, mama," Tommy said, coming into the kitchen. "Bread again? Why can't we have something like pancakes and eggs?"
"If you want something like that you're going to have to buy it yourself," I said.
Tommy pouted. 
"Oh? I've been saving up. We can afford that," Mom said. 
"Yay," Tommy said.
"There's nothing wrong with plain old bread," I mumbled.

I drove to school and wasted no time getting to class. I couldn't concentrate very well and ended up putting my head down near the end of the period. By the period before lunch, I didn't bother paying attention to math and somehow fell asleep in class. My teacher woke me up after class was over and asked me if I was alright. After I insisted I was fine, she said I had to do the class work as homework and I had to figure out the problems myself. I figured that was fair enough.

The lunchroom wasn't big enough for all the students so I remember when the first years had to all fight the third years for seats. As a member of the American football team, I didn't have to do that. But even now, our table is cramped. I was late sitting down so I had to squirm between two guys who were much bigger than me. 

"What's with you being all late," The head quarterback said.
"None of your business," I said.
"You've been having head problems again?"
"No, it doesn't have anything to do with that," I said.
"Come on, you can tell us what's going on."
"I'm fine," I said a bit irritated.
"Leave him alone," the guy sitting next to him said. "It ain't his fault he got hurt."

The quarterback laughed.

"Only you would get hurt the first game of the season and then have to sit out for most of it," He said. 

I recalled that event. I was only focused on the runningback I going to throw to that I didn't even see the monster of a guy come at me from the side. 

"No wonder we suck," someone next to me said.
"Come now, don't talk like that," I said.
"Don't worry, I'll take good care of this team when your gone," The quarter back said. 
"Considering how well this team was run while I was out I wonder about that," I said.
"We're doomed."
"With that attitude you are!"

I couldnt seem to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon. During the middle of the last period I was starting to feel jitterish. There was nothing I could do about that until I got home. I stared at the clock as it moved very slowly. 

I got home and was starting to cramp up. I shot myself up and lied down in bed. Was I really supposed to get better with this? It seemed like things get worse when I can't shoot up. I sat up and wandered over to Soup's tank. I took him out and tied a balloon to him and put him on the floor. I never understood why people thought turtles we're slow. As soon as I put him down he took off for under my bed. I crawled on top of my bed and peered underneath it upside down. Soup sat there for a moment then darted towards me. I sat up and giggled.

Tommy was standing in the hallway with his bag over his shoulder and a cocked eyebrow.

"I'm back," he said, unchanging his expression.
"O-Oh, Welcome back," I said fixing my bangs.
"Aren't teenagers supposed to be busy with things? My brother is lame playing with a turtle."
"Whats that supposed to mean," I said.
"Nothin," he said, walking into his room. 

My phone rang. I automatically answered it.

"You guys have some balls-"
"Meeting. The house. Now," Ludocvoc said, then hung up.

I sighed. I hated leaving Tommy alone while Moms still working, but I didn't have a choice. I got back into the car and drove to the house. Everyone was on the main floor gathered around the kitchen table. 

"Whats with leaving me hanging like that," I said.

Ludocvoc walked over to me and swacked me in the head with his cane.

"I diblerbertly told you not to engage with the Subsudites."
"That doesn't excuse that. Aren't I a part of this team too?"

Ludocvoc hit me in in the side with his cane. I fell down onto my side. I didn't think Id actually feel that. 

"I'm not having any of this teenage behavior. Do you understand?"
"Y-Yes sir," I said, cringing. 
"Good. Now go sit at the table."

I had to pick myself up and sat down next to Asten.

"Now, who was the guy that kidnapped you," Ludocvoc asked, digging through the cubbord for some tea.

"Your not going to believe it, but it was The Son of Jack Daniels," I said.
"Is that so?"
"Yeah. The way he talked seemed like he was a bounty hunter or something."
"That's interesting," Asten said. "You should had asked for his dad's autograph."
"Fuck off, Asten," I said, kicking him under the table.
"Enough. I'll talk to some people in Cyllage about him. They'll know more about him than we do."
"What'll we do about him? He targeting us," Oil said. 
"We'll deal with him when we learn more."
"What about the Subsidies," I asked.
"We'll still keep an eye on them as well. For now, Tom, drive around and see if you can spot him. Oil, you go with him and make sure he doesn't start anything."
"Got it," Oil said.
"Good. You two are dismissed."

Oil decided that we would meet up on Saturday to go find Jack if Ludocvoc couldn't find anything first. I grumbled to myself as I left. I didn't want anything to do with that guy anymore and yet, here I am. 

I saw mom pull up her car as soon as I reached home. I held my breath as she got out of the car and slammed the door. I pulled up next to her.

"Where in the world did you go," she demanded. 
"Uh, I went out to get a snack."
"We have plenty of snacks!"
"It doesn't matter," I mumbled as I walked past her. "I bought it with my own money, anyway."

She slapped me in the back as hard as she could. 

"You left your poor brother all alone!"
"Whats the big deal? I was left home all the time when I was his age!"
"Your not your brother. Now, go," she shouted, snapping her fingers at the door. 

I growled and went inside. It wasn't fair that my parents paid more attention to my brother than me. What if I wanted my parents attention and they left me home alone all the time? 

I went into my room and found Tommy playing with Soup by sticking his fingers in his face than pulling away when Soup snapped at him. 

"I'm the loser that plays with a turtle, huh?"
"Brother," He shouted, running up to me and gave me a hug.
"You don't even care if you're alone sometimes, do you," I said, patting his head.
"Is momma, home? I'm hungry," Tommy said, running out the door.
"She just got home. Don't go bothering her just yet," I shouted at him, not knowing if he heard me or not.

When dad came home we all sat around and had dinner. Tommy wouldn't shut up about his day. He asked mom and dad about their days and they struggled to come up with something they could tell a child that wouldn't emotionally scar him. He asked me and I said it was exactly the same as the day before.

"Geez, adults are boring," he pouted. "I don't want to be an adult."
"Then please don't. Cherish your childhood," I said. 
"Whats wring with you?"
"Nothing," I said standing up. "I'm stuffed. Can I be excused?"

I couldn't sleep again that night. I kept thinking I could hear things in the house and saw shadows dance around. I started scratching the he'll out of my arms. If I felt pain, then it meant the world around me was real, but since I didn't, it meant I was hallucinating. I backed up to the wall, my heart racing in my chest. I thought I felt something lightly brush against the back of my neck. I started to scream when I opened my eyes for real.

The alarm was going off. I laid there, against the wall with my heart still beating hard. With a shaking hand, I reached over and turned off the alarm. I stayed there until my breathing had settled. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Thus is what I hated about those drugs. It made it hard to tell reality from hallucinations. 

As I fed Soup, I felt a ting of pain in my arms. I examined them to realize how badly scratched they were. Atbleast I could hide them with my uniform. I changed and headed downstairs. 

Dad and Tommy were already there, eating bread. I sat between them and began eating too.

"Morning," Tommy said.
"Morning," I said back.

The Black Bullets 2 ch. 3
My computermight actually be dead and I'm so bored. I was in the middle of editing but I don't think I'll get that done.

So it's only first drafts for a while. 
Red String of Fate by TheBlackBullets
Red String of Fate
Probably the least original thing I've done. 

The goal was to draw something with minimal amount of work. 

Will there be a part two? Who knows.

Comments and critique are appreciated! 


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The Black Bullets is a series I came up with four years ago. It's about a group of men who travel the Pokemon world and steal Pokemon from bad guys and sell them to people who are capable of taking care of them.

Current Residence: Kalarada
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