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by LaArka

I saw this on the Thumbshare forum, so I thought I'd help a bit. You really need to focus on the anatomy more. The way Dash's head is, ...

Forgive me if I end up rambling, cause I like to nitpick every single detail I find wrong and I end up sounding abrasive. I assure you,...

I shouldn't have liked Owari no Seraph more than I did. Hell, I shouldn't even had made it past the first episode.

It's everything I hate about first episodes, The character's we're supposed to care about get killed off before we get to know them, and they're orphans, the lead doesn't understand "friendship" and "teamwork" and is only motivated by one thing. It's the kind of thing that drives me up a wall. 

And yet I don't hate it.

So, the world is taken over by Vampires who kill off almost all humans over the age of 13. Our littlest orphans are captured as they return to their orphanage and are used as cattle basically. When the two main characters reach the age of 12 they've had enough and one steals a map of the underground city and they plan to escape. It all goes horribly wrong. One escapes and the other is turned into a vampire cause????

Yuu, the main character attends a somewhat normal school. But he doesn't care about school because he just wants to kill vampires. You'd think having a new dad who's a general would know more than he actually does, but nope. Everything new he encounters is met with, "Can I use this to kill vampires?" It's like the only way you can get him to do anything. Why anyone hasn't taken advantage of that is beyond me. They should have made Yochi the guy who askes the stupid questions since he's the least motivated and adorable out of all of them. 

Anyway, after a series of "It's a miracle that no one has died or gotten into serious trouble" adventures two idiots and the one guy who actually deserved to be there get a hold of the most dangerous and effective weapons. And with no actual training, they are thrown into a dangerous mission with two girls who hate each other. Yuu falls for traps and nearly gets everyone killed. They make it back to Shinjuku and find out that there is a massive Vampire attack on the city. The kids with no training are sent to the front lines to kill Nobles who are the second? highest ranking Vampires to help Yuu's new dad kill them.

Mika, Yuu's childhood boy friend stabs his new dad and Yuu stabs him. Mika's like, "The fuck, Yuu?" and Yuu's like, "YOOOOO! It's my home boy!" Then they go to their respective sides and tell them not to kill that one. Yuu's side goes, "Why?" and Mika's side goes, "Okay, we're make them our bitches." Mika takes off with Yuu like a prince rescuing a princess (literally) and is like, "Dude, let's run away together." Yuu is confused because besides Vampires, there's also large monsters roaming about that also want to kill humans. 

Before they straighten things out, Yuu turns into a monster and tries to kill everything. Mika's new dad askes Yuu's new dad, "The fuck is that thing? It's trying to kill everything!" And Yuu's new dad is all like, "No clue. But it's awesome." Mika's new dad goes, "You know what, we have a bigger problem than each other. Fuck this shit. Get your ass over here, Mika, we're leaving!" 

And then it kinda ends there. And now I have to wait 12 weeks to learn more about what's up with that. I could read the manga, but I don't wanna.

The opening which got me interested in it, describes the anime perfectly. Cliched as hell, but only slightly different to be worth watching. I really like the opening theme itself, but the ending is, "Meh." The animation is beautiful. The backgrounds look traditional, and the characters themselves are appealing to look at. 

It's best viewed as a marathon and the wait is going to kill me.
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Lighting Challenge by TheBlackBullets
Lighting Challenge
I couldn't cram the entire new piece in so goodbye random background guy I labored for 5 minutes on. *sob*

A meme for a group challenge. The goal was to take an old piece and draw it again only with different shading. James was more of the focus here and I wanted to work on this new weird shading thing I've done in a couple of other pieces (like Cold and the one before that.) Otherwise, but lighting and shading have been pretty consistent. 

I picked a piece from my Sumopaint days because they're hilariously bad. Only, I couldn't find many of them and I swear I had a lot more. I did a 100 meme challenge when I was transitioning from MSPaint and I guess they were really bad because I deleted a good chunk of it. Then I found this from my other account and thought, "Yeah, I can do this one." So I did. 

This is also my first time posting a drawing with a birb. Birbs are something I need to work on and I realize its tail feathers are wrong. 

Did I learn anything from this? I guess. I learned that I improved a lot in 5 years and that apparently I drew a 3 year anniversary thing for Si. 
One Team for Another by TheBlackBullets
One Team for Another
I just really love how this one came out. I love doing backgrounds so much!

Tom and the old gang he was in at the beginning of The Black Bullets with two of it's members, Gerome and Lilianne (who isn't as she seems.) I've never drawn a black women before and I just love her. 

As always, comments and critique are greatly appreciated!
Summer Day by TheBlackBullets
Summer Day
It's Tommy's birthday today. He was only a wee baby when this whole thing started. Now he's 7. Fucking...7...

I didn't even realize the pen pressure was off when I was doing the background until I got to the clouds. 

In any case, I'm really glad on how the picture came out! Going lineless once has improved my art quality a lot.

Comments and critique are greatly appreciated!
When I woke up, Jamie was lying next to me with a smile on his face. He got out of bed and stretched his arms. The pain I was in had suddenly vanished. I reached up to touch my face. Oh, no wait, I'm dreaming, I thought.

Everything feels great all the sudden," Jamie said, continuing to stretch. "I feel like I'm on top of the world!"

He flopped down on the bed next to me, and almost rolled off the bed. He started laughing. I laughed as well, enjoying what time I had with him. He got up and spun around.

"I think I've been away for so long that I've forgotten what it's like to move as freely like this."
"Well then, where have you been," I asked.
"I have no clue. A dream maybe?"
"Funny you should say that..."
"Hey, don't you feel it too," Jamie said, pulling me out of bed.
"You know everyone says we're free? They don't know true freedom. Right here, right now is true freedom!"
"I don't get what you're saying."

He pulled me around the room. I stopped and pulled back. He grinned and let go, making me fall on my butt. We both laughed as I got up. I ran and tackled him onto the other bed. We wrestled around, punching and poking each other. Jamie shoved me off of him and walked over to the curtains. He pulled them open. The clouds were pink and orange with the Lumoise tower standing in the background. He gripped the curtain with a frown.

"Ah, the sun is coming up. I have to go back to that place soon," Jamie said, sadly.

I felt the same way. I didn't want this moment to end either. I reassured him with a smile and grabbed his hand. He grinned a little again.

"We'll see each other again soon," He said. "It's going to be rough for a while, but you'll be tough, right?"
"I'll try."
"Ah come on," he said, grabbing both of my hands. "Promise me!"
"Alright, I promise."

He started dragging me over to the door. I held my breath. I had to tell him how I felt now. I don't think I'll ever get the chance again.

"Jamie, I need to tell you something."

He ignored me and twisted the door handle.

"Please listen to me I need to tell you that-"

As I went through the door, I tripped and fell. My stomach tightened as I slipped back into consciousness. Pain rushed through my body as I found myself back in bed. I groaned, trying to get up. I heard a knock at the door. I cried out in pain for help. My stomach started to turn. I pulled myself to the side of the bed and spit stomach fluid onto the floor. Between waves of nausea, I pulled my hair back and looked up. Si was there, all teary eyed, looking like a lost child. I groaned at him, throwing up again.

He fidgeted around before deciding to say something. "D-Do you need help or something?"

I nodded and spat on the ground. Si started fidgeting again, like he was expecting me to say something. I growled at him as if to encourage him to use his brain. He's not dumb, so I'm not entirely sure why he's just standing there. He seemed to take offense to me getting angry at him and started sniffing. He leaped, wrapping his arms around me. He started bawling. When I felt sick again, I didn't bother trying to lean over him and threw up all over his back. He squeezed me tighter. I couldn't escape from him. I snarled at him in frustration.

It took a while for Si to stop crying. He finally let go of me and wiped his eyes. I grunted at him. He suddenly snapped to.

"Jhon, what happened to you? You're all beat up. Did you not do what you were supposed to and went to the place where the Pokemon were being held captive?"
"What," I growled.
"Unbelievable! Can't go three seconds without one of my so called 'friends' getting hurt!"
"God, help me, you dumb idiot instead of just bitching at me."
"Oh, right, I came here for a reason," Si said, eyes swelling again. "Yesterday, when I was visiting Jamie, he woke up."
"Si, now's not the time to tell-"
"It wasn't for very long and it didn't seem like he could see very well, but he was awake, alright," he continued, talking over me.

I wasn't entirely sure how to take this sort of news. I was in too much pain to really care about much. But since it was about Jamie getting better, I felt like crying. I had hope that things were going to go back to normal. Just when I had given up, in my heart I wanted to believe that. But, instead of crying, I laid there, cringing in pain.

"Are you really all that injured that you can't respond properly," Si said.

I wanted to rip his fucking eyeball out of his skull.

"I can go get Nurse Joy if you want."
"Please, take your time," I snarled.
"Hmph. If you're going to be like that, I will."

Si stomped off. He took his sweet time coming back. When I realized he didn't bring back Nurse Joy he clasped his hands together.

"I'm so sorry," He apologized. "She's too busy taking care of all the Pokemon that she can't do anything for you."

I growled at him.

"Oh, I know. You have pain medication, don't you?"

I nodded.

"Okay, why don't we try some of that?"
"Fine. It's in my bag."

The medicine I had in my bag wasn't strong enough, but it was better than nothing. Si came over and sat down next to me. I laid my head in his lap and he fiddled with my hair. I waited for the medication to kick in before I started to try and get up. Si wouldn't let me, telling me I should stay in bed for the day. I wasn't going to argue with him, so I lay back down. I told him to spread the good news and he left to go do that.

I waited for a few minutes, and then went down stairs. I rushed to Electrivire's room. A man with short blue hair and matching eyes was heading the opposite way down the hall.

"Jhon, what happened to you," he asked. "You look awful. Are you alright?"
"A-Ho," I said.
"If someone's causing trouble for you, I will-"
"No, that won't be necessary," I said.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm sure of that."
"Jhon, if we're going to do this dating thing, then you have to be honest with me. Especially with the sensitive things."
"I-it's fine, really," I insisted. "Things have already been settled."
"I don't mean to sound like that kind of guy, but I don't really like the idea of you getting into that kind of trouble."
"It won't happen again, I promise," I said, then thought, Or at least I wish it won't.
A-Ho rubbed my head. "Good."
"U-um, are you really that worried about me," I asked.
"Of course I am. I really like you, you know."
"Really? Even after our awful first date?"
"You have some redeeming qualities."
"Yeah, what are they?"
"You're one hell of a coordinator."
"That's it? That's all I have going for me?"
"You're also easy to rile up."
"You're such a dick!"
"Thanks for the compliment."

I huffed and started to head over to Electrivire's room. "I'm going to need more than two things you like about me if we're going to do this."

A-Ho grabbed my hand. As I turned around, he gave me a kiss on the forehead. It was the softest, lightest kiss I've ever gotten.

"You're right about that," he said. "So hows about another date when you and my Electrabuzz get better? This time, you pick the place."

I felt nascious again. I thought about the impossible dream of taking Jamie out on a date. We'd eat out at a nice restaurant, and then we'd head out to the tower. Of course, he'd be oblivious when I meant it when I said that it was a date and he'd be loud and obnoxious, pointing out things in the distance. And as the sun went down, I'd somehow find the courage to tell him how I really felt. My throat lumped up on the thought of the thing I couldn't have.

But there was something I liked about Adrian too. He was an incredibly good looking guy. He was funny, he had charm, we shared an interest in contest and he was good at it too. He could go toe to toe with me, even. I wanted to make it happen with him when I can't with Jamie. I needed this right now. We can make it work. "Just fooling around?" No, this is for real. The feelings I had for him were real. I can make him see this.

"Lumoise Tower," I said, trying to not show him my sorrow, "I want to go to Lumoise Tower."
"Ah, so you want to go there? Perhaps you'll get a kick out my fear of heights. Very well, we'll go there, then."

I nodded. So that was it then. Someday soon, I'll tell him how I feel and make him take this relationship seriously. We parted ways and I went into Electravire's room. As I approached its side, it opened its eyes. I grabbed its hand and sat down on the bed.

"I'm sorry I didn't come down earlier," I said. "I was really hurting earlier."

Electravire slowly nodded its head. I thought about the Raichu that was curled up on its side, unable to open its eyes. I remembered the fear I had when I realized Electravire was in deep trouble. I remembered being pulled away but that lady with the weird goggles, but I don't remember anything after that until I woke up this morning. I felt a lump in my throat again.

"I'm so sorry! I should have known something bad would happen! It's my entire fault you've ended up like this! If you end up hating me forever, I wouldn't blame you one bit!"

I bursted out sobbing. Jack always said that one shouldn't hold negative emotions back, but I hated having those emotions. I hated the feeling of the world collapsing around me. I ended up letting all those emotions go. I hated this life I ended up living. I just wanted to be a normal coordinator, earning money so I could become a doctor and live a stressful life as that, not some guy who's got friends who get into trouble all the time.

Electravire reached over and placed his hand on my head. It slowly rubbed my head back and forth as an attempt to try and cheer me up. It got me to shut up a few seconds before I leaned over and cried into its chest. It patted my back. The door opened and I sat up, rubbing my eyes.

"Oh, so here's where you were," Nurse Joy said, closing the door behind her. "Sorry, but I can't do anything for your wounds: the Pokemon are my priority, you know."
"It's okay," I said. "I understand."
"Listen, about last night, I think I was too rough on you. I apologize. You ended up doing a really good job. You have good instincts."
"R-Really," I said, confused.
"I think you'll become a fine doctor one day," she said, giving Electravire a bowl of mashed up oran berries.
"Do you need any more help," I asked. "You're really swamped here and maybe in exchange you can-"
"No, I don't need any more of your help," she said and left.

I pouted. I don't remember what I did, but I guess it was enough to impress Nurse Joy. Electravire grabbed a spoon and scooped some oran berry mush. It dropped the mushed berries on his chest, missing his mouth. I wiped him off with a napkin and let him try again. The next time, it didn't even leave the tray.

"Here, let me do it," I said, wiping him off again.
"Eh, eh," it said, looking away.
"Do you want food or not?"

Electravire pouted, then opened its mouth. I managed to get it to eat the entire bowl. After it ate, I put the empty bowl down on the tray and Electravire closed its eyes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone pass by. CG stopped and looked at me through the window. I left the room and went up to him.

"How's Electravire," he asked.
"I got him to eat something," I said.
"That's good. Thunder hasn't woken up at all," he said, looking away.
"Why we go back to Thunder's room then?"

He nodded and took off down the hall. I had to call after him and told him that I couldn't go very fast. He didn't hear me and turned into a room. Thunder was lying in some machine, unconscious. There was another trainer with a Pokemon in there too. CG sat down and stroked Thunder's head. I wanted to say something, but he wasn't the type to listen to fake encouragement. He rolled his fists into his lap.

"It's my fault Thunder ended up like this," he cried. "Thunder did nothing wrong and yet got all hurt. He's such a good guy and I'm such a horrible trainer!"

CG jumped onto me, clinging to my shirt. I was taken aback by his sudden display of affection. I gave him a hug back.

"Thunder's the forgiving type," I said. "He'll forgive you once he wakes up."
"But that ain't right! I'm the one who sent him there!"
"I know, I know. I feel bad about how Electravire ended up, too."

I stayed with CG until he calmed down. I offered to get him something to eat or drink but he refused. I left him alone with Thunder and went back upstairs. I wanted to go see Jamie, but I was in no condition to. I lay in bed, staring mindlessly at the ceiling. CG never came back up, and sometime during the night, I went back downstairs. The center was so full that people were sleeping in the lobby. I spotted Clemont, building something and went down to sit next to him.

"Are you alright," he asked.
"No," I said. "I can't sleep."
"Me neither. All my Pokemon ended up in different Pokemon Centers. I've spent all day tracking them down."
"How are they?"
"Luxray and Magnimite are alright, but Magnetron, which is here, is still in critical condition."
"Ah, I see."
"I know it wasn't my fault, but for some reason I still feel guilty."

I couldn't really say the same thing. Clemont put his wrench down and yawned.

"I'm so tired. I don't want to go to home, and yet, I can't sleep here with a bunch of strangers."
"I doubt CG's going to come back up, so why not come up with me to my room?"
"You're so lucky you managed to get your own room," Clemont said, eyes sparkling.
"Um, yeah, it's no problem."

I tried to talk to him about our Pokemon, but he was in no mood. I finally got the hint when he turned his back to me. I was still restless, thinking about Jamie. So I ended up watching Clemont sleep. He had a cute face while he slept. Watching him sleep finally made me calm down and I feel asleep as well.

I woke up surprised I didn't have a dream. The pain came back, and I curled up cringing. Clemont sat up, rubbed his eyes and put his glasses on. He looked around like he was lost.

"Oh, that's right. I'm staying at the Pokemon Center," He said, then looked at me. "What's wrong with you?"
"Nurse Joy, quick, now," I said.

I couldn't hold it back, I started moaning in pain.

"Okay, okay, I'll get her," he said, getting out of bed.
"Please! Don't take no for an answer."

I cried and moaned for what seemed like hours. Clemont finally came back with Nurse Joy. She took a good look at me, asking me questions I really wasn't in the mood for answering. Then she went downstairs to get some medication. Clemont stood around, looking as helpless as Si did yesterday. The door opened and for a split second I felt relief. But, no, it was CG.

"Who the hell let this nerd in," he growled.
"Oh, it's you again," Clemont said. "I never did quite catch your name the last time we met."

CG ignored him and walked over to me.

"I don't care what kind of guys you're into, but you're only going to sleep with this kinda guy, got it?"
"Um, I don't think you should terrorize him right now-"
"Hey...shut up."
I grunted. "What do you want, Wally?"
"I thought we agreed not to call me that in front of others," CG said, driving his finger in my cheek. "Well, I am in need for a shower and a change of clothes."
"After you're done, can I shower," Clemont asked.
"No," CG said, sticking his face in Clemont's. "All other nerds can go shower in their own homes."

And with that, CG grabbed his bag and slammed the bathroom door.

"That guy is rather unpleasant," Clemont said.
"He's just testing you. If you can out do him, you'll instantly become his new best friend."

Nurse Joy came back with the medication and told me to stay in bed. Clemont volunteered to watch over me, but I declined. He left right before CG got out of the shower. He wanted to make me tea regardless if I wanted it or not. I told him to bring a cup into Electravire's room and he decided to make a cup for it too. I was afraid of Electravire handling hot liquids when it couldn't even handle oran berries.

Electravire was irritated that it couldn't do basic things like drink tea. It eventually got pissed to the point where it didn't want any more tea. I sighed and set the tea aside. I told it that A-Ho's Electrabuzz was here too and that when I got better, we were going on a date to Lumoise Tower.

"But I wanted to take Jamie there more," I said. "Si said he woke up now, but I'm sure he's never going back to the way he was before. I sure wish I could see him. But I'm too injured, and I have to take care of you to make up for the shit you went through and--"

Electravire grinned and motioned me to leave.

"A-Are you sure I should go?"

It nodded at me. My eyes swelled with tears and I gave him a hug.

"Oh, Electravire, you're the best!"

I trotted down the hall of the hospital. My sight was on the last room in sight of the elevator. The door automatically opened as I stepped through. Jamie lay there, staring up at the ceiling. I caught my breath and brushed my hair out of my face. His half glazed eyes turned to me as I sat down. I grabbed his hand.

"I meant to come over sooner, but I'm badly beat up," I said, not knowing if he could actually see me or not.

He responded by squeezing my hand.

"I'm sorry I let you end up like this," I said, trying not to cry. "If I had just done my job properly, then you'd be doing a lot better now."

It took every ounce of my being to not cry in front of him. I don't think I would have made it this far without him. And just when I thought I was going to learn to live without him, a miracle happened and he was still here. I didn't care what the cost was, I just wanted him as he was.

"But you're awake now, and I guess that means something. You're going to be alright now."

I wiped my eyes and lifted my head. Jamie was looking outside at the tree that was starting to bloom.

"That's right, it's spring now," I said. "You've been asleep for a while."

He didn't react much.

"You've been gone for two weeks."

He still didn't react. He just squeezed my hand as hard as he could. It wasn't much, but it was enough to make it hard to pry my hand from his.

"It looks like you're already starting with little things. Don't push yourself."

He closed his eyes with a sigh. I gently shook his shoulder to try and stir him, but just like that, we was gone again. I bent down over him and pressed my lips against his forehead.

"It's alright," I said. "Take your time. I'll wait. I love you."

I left the hospital and walked down an alley way. I leaned up against the wall and cried. I wasn't bothered by crying now. I had a feeling in my gut that things were looking up. Like everything, I knew it wasn't going to last, so I had to enjoy until then. I have to stick around to see Jamie's infectious smile again.
Electric City Ch. 7 (Final)
Bout time I finished. It was hard wrapping things up. I somehow managed to do it.

I'm torn between waiting a bit before starting The Black Bullets 2 and just going ahead and fixing it later. I don't know how normal teenagers talk to each other, so dialogue isn't coming as naturally as it usually does. I'm probably going to end up trying to sound like one of them cool hip teens. 

In any case, Comments and critique are greatly appreciated.
We've Finally Made it! by TheBlackBullets
We've Finally Made it!
I put so much effort into the boys that I couldn't be bothered to do a better background. But it somehow came together in the end.

A bit of practice drawing half the team in one pic in perspective. I didn't want to put all of them in it because that would take longer than it already did.


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